Unbelievably but surely, the back-to-school scent is signed by Mercedes-Benz

A herbal fragrance perfect for back to school and fall. First of all, it is not a fancy house, but a prestigious car name.

Back to school always marks a time of renewal, even though classes are long. The holidays are over, work is on, it’s time to start off on the right foot. For this, there is no difficulty in choosing a new perfume that gives us power and confidence. As usual, our choice turns to something new… from a German car brand. We tell you about it.

The smell of the new school year: Sign your style by Mercedes Benz

In terms of perfume, we are used to the perfumes offered by old luxury houses with Sauvage by Dior at the top of the line, or Hugo Boss. But why not think outside the box and stand out?

A signature eau de toilette designed by Fabrice Pellegrin based on bergamot, mandarin and ginger for a fresh and fast opening. To continue this number, lavender, cypress, cinnamon and nutmeg are added. All are accompanied by an amber note. Results? A deep, strong, fresh and irresistible scent for men. At the height of the user.

Tempted? This alluring statement is Mark your style, the olfactory innovation from Mercedes Benz. This woody fragrance is great for back-to-school and fall, with a strong and charismatic scent. One thing is for sure, you will show the real reason by choosing this brand!

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Sign your style, 50ml – €62 Mercedes Benz

The smell of good cars: a phenomenon that threatens the Internet

When we look closely at the event, we immediately see that Mercedes is not the only German brand that has given itself to the game of perfume. Other big names such as Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari or Aston Martin … Many prestigious names capture their essence in a bottle. That’s enough for the internet companies to catch it.


German designer Kevin Pabel chose Mercedes-Benz SIGN, a powerful fragrance for successful men. #mercedesbenzparfums#mercedesbenz#mbsign

♬ original sound – mercedesbenzparfums


Bentley for Men Intense

♬ Fresh, Clean – Outkast



♬ som original – Fraganceperfumes

Will you allow yourself to be seduced by this first scent?

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