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Floriane, Cachemire, Squoia … These are not the top 10 of the latest fragrances but three of the best life insurance policies in France. But are they the most interesting to you? Not sure…

Life insurance is an investment product preferred by savers. Hurt by the Covid crisis, the market started again in positive colors in 2021. With a subscription of 151 billion euros (+ 29.9% compared to 2020), life insurance reached a level not since 2010. both for the confirmation of the bank account in the euro, and for the possibility of better returns through the introduction of units of account (UC). These investments are more risky but more profitable 27% of life insurance deposits to 16% in 2010.

As every year, the Insurance company has published its ranking of the top 100 life insurance contracts. And the top 10 contracts that have the most payments in 2021 are those held by banks.

  • Florian (Agricole)
  • Allianz Life fidlit (Alliance)
  • Card 2 (The Postal Bank)
  • BNP Paribas Multiinvestments 2 (BNP Paribas)
  • Life insurance plan (Mutual Credit)
  • but more (Savings Bank)
  • Predissime 9 (Agricole)
  • The benefit of BNP Paribas Multiplacements (BNP Paribas)
  • Millevie premium (Savings Bank)
  • Squoia (Great Nation)

But how to find rels customer Life insurance, clients like hotcakes? Looking at the number of contracts held, based on data from The Insurance Tribune. In this case, the order of the top 10 will turn down. And you can find out if these popular life insurance policies are the best for you, or not.

1-Predissime 9 (Credit Agricole)

Green Bank’s flagship range for almost thirty years, Predissime 9 is a real heavyweight on the market, with almost 2.8 million bonds. Note: this model has been available for 3 years in a new version, Predissime 9 series 2, the advantage of which is access to easy management options and pilot management (Mandate Selection) from the storage of 5,000 euros. The cost of the deposit in euros: 0.65% net of management fees, clearly below the average for 2021 which reached 1.28%, according to the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR).

  • Insurance: Predica
  • Hope: 1994
  • Collection 2021: 3.7 billion euros
  • Pay by pay: 3% discount on Predissime 9 series 2 and 4.50% on Predissime 9 series 1

Why you should check your shipping costs

When you choose bank life insurance, the bank charges you an enrollment or premium. Fees will eat up your savings before they grow! If you deposit 1000 euros in a contract that charges 3% interest, only 970 euros will be deposited and it will take more than 2 years to recover the 30 euros lost. However, new bank contracts impose interest rates of around 3%, and can rise to 4% or 5% for very old contracts. Price negotiable…if you know.

Life Insurance: 2 years of loss due to premiums!

Shades 2-3D (Caisse d’Epargne)

Due to the lack of data reported by the supplier, the Nuances 3D contract is no longer recognized at the level of The Insurance Tribune. It’s making a big comeback this year. Selling 2.1 million copies, the Nuances 3D contract has long been in the customer gondola of Caisse d’Epargne. But Squirrel changed supplier in 2016 from CNP to the company’s local supplier, BPCE Vie, for a new contract that was taken. The Nuances 3D contract is not resaleable and in 2021 provides a net return of management fees and community contributions. 0.62%.

  • Insurance: CNP certification
  • Hope: 2001
  • Harvest in 2021: 1.35 billion euros
  • Pay by pay: 5% total

3- Life Insurance Plan (Crdit Mutuel)

1.7 million contracts! The Plan Assurance Vie agreement of Crdit Mutuel (Alliance federal network, therefore outside of Brittany and South-West) and CIC is widely sold since having the same agreement in many ways, due to customer type: Right, can get from 50 euros d savings, then Avantage from 15,000 euros and Privile more than 50,000 euros. The 2021 salary of the bank is in euro in between 1.10% a 1.60% depending on the type of customer: more generous for a bank contract.

  • Insurance: ACM Life (GACM)
  • Hope: 2009
  • Collection 2021: 4 billion euros
  • Pay by pay: 5% higher (lower costs in the management system)

4-Vivaccio (Postal Bank)

Along with 1.3 million subscribers, the flagship contract of La Banque Postale remains on the podium of the great successes of life insurance. Offered in several categories (Initial, Growth, Vitality, Income, etc.), depending on the age of the subscriber, Vivaccio life insurance is aimed at the general public, especially in before the elitist Cachemire 2. Many savers have withdrawn their The Vivaccio contract in the face of the crisis, which actually represents the gross collection of 559 million euros, but the net collection (calculated withdrawals ) negative, -403 million euros as The Insurance Tribune. Finally, Vivaccio has one of the smallest contracts invested in accounting units (16% in UA): most of the banks expand the bank account in euro, paid. 0.65% in 2021.

  • Insurance: CNP Concepts
  • Hope: 2006
  • Collection 2021: 559 million euros
  • Pay by pay: 3.50% total

5-BNP Paribas Multiinvestments 2

A million earned: 1006049 agreement 2 multi-investments are registered at the end of 2021. For direct returns to the bank in euros: 1.10% last year. Below average, but competitive with bank competition.

  • Insurance: BNP Paribas Cardiff
  • Hope: 1990
  • Pay by pay: 2.75% total

Life insurance: the best funds in the euro will win passbook A in 2022

6-Life booklet (Macif)

This deal has counted over a million subscribers. It has now been replaced by Multi Vie at the head of the gondola at the supplier Macif, which is no longer available. 812,274 copies. This Livret Vie contract has two features: no interest on the payment, and 100% of the deposits invested in the bank in euros, paying. 1% in 2021. It’s a great product for the public, but it’s not available for subscription as of 2018.

  • Insurance: Mutavie
  • Hope: 1987
  • Pay by pay: 0%

Business: Online shopping because limit your bank charges

7-Maple (Societe Generale)

The participation agreement of Socit Generale is signed by 728,387 customers of the red and black bank, according to the number of The Insurance Tribune. It’s better than the Squoia contract, which is intended for a more wealthy client, and its half-million holders. Both show 0.75% 1.76% in the bank account in euros in 2021, the rate increases according to the amount of money deposited.

  • Insurance: Sogcap
  • Hope: 2003
  • Pay by pay: 3% maximum on the right loan

8-Afer multi-support group agreement

688135 members de l’Afer holds a major sponsorship contract, at the end of 2021. Among the best life insurance brokers, the Afer contract is an exception or, in the sense of the word, the greater the company’s lowering of its wages. related to fees. Refunds in euros are possible 1.70%. Above average.

  • Insurance: Aviva
  • Hope: 1976
  • Pay by pay: 0.5% maximum on the fund in euros, unit-linked units and the Eurocroissance fund

9-LCL Life

Crdit Agricole has simplified its life insurance offering in 2018 by organizing it around the LCL Vie range. A contract showing up to 3.5% interest rate (negotiable, as with all banks) but the interest rate of the bank in euro is very competitive in front of the banking competition: 1.05% 1.85% for the year 2021 according to the UA division. It’s a source of inspiration 591,550 customers.

  • Insurance: Predica
  • Hope: 2008
  • Pay by pay: 3.5% total

Should we cancel life insurance and need Livret A?

10-Groupama Modulation

A flagship deal of the same producer since the late 1990s, Groupama Modulation owns the close. 554559 custodians. The Groupama Gan Vie company chose in 2012 to divide the fund’s fee in euros according to the percentage of the money invested in the mutual funds. This year, small savers have seen the return of 0.90%can go up up to 1.20% for the payment for the year 2021 according to the joint share.

  • Insurance: Groupama Gan Vie
  • Hope: 1997
  • Pay by pay: 3.5% total

Other good sellers have escaped the radar

Cap Discovery, from Credit Agricole? Solsio Vie (CNP Assurances) from La Banque Postale? All of them ranked among the top runners of the division The Insurance Tribune 3 years ago. They are no longer seen there, due to the lack of data reported by the insurers. They escape the radar because they are in the form of old contracts, the banks have canceled their transactions.

Here are three questions to ask yourself before opening a contract

  1. I am being asked pay for pay (and these fees are too high)?
  2. of the salary of the average euro bank account?
  3. What are the administrative fee in sets of numbers?

Here are three questions to keep in mind when choosing a life insurance policy. Of course, it is not possible to find the best and the best contracts: sometimes it is necessary to have large deposits to confirm or identify the main reasons for maintaining the attached supports. On the other hand, by looking at the interest rates, the amount of the bank account in euros of the contract proposed by your banker and the arbitration costs, you have the information to know if this best seller is worth its price. From June 1, manufacturers and distributors of life insurance and retirement plans (PER) have provided a table summarizing their prices online.

Compare the best life insurance offers

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