“Days” go in the pig

W saidEEEU… WEEEU… A lunar chime of the first Wednesday of the month sounded at noon (one minute and forty-one seconds or if there are two of the same followed by a fourth for thirty seconds. , hide your neck). But the DatesIt’s not an exercise, it’s a sign of “The bottom of the “Days”” is on the web to give you the latest news from your favorite media.

The referendum is the historian. Released last July, the poll for the next story was the topic chosen by subscribers and subscribers. – a traditional year from the birth of the Dates it has come to an end. The undisputed big winner: “Traffic of influencers”, with 33% of the votes. After the subject of mental health (22%), in prison (18%), in the business of death (17%) and finally in the state of abortion in France ( 9%). It’s up to us now to put together a story on influencers.

49.3 of the “days”. Well, you just know now: we have a 49.3 that allows us to emphasize a topic that did not win the vote of the readers. Whatever you want, so be it. So next week we will start a story dedicated to the prison, after the stupid summer sequence in Fresnes, to bring things back. And the storm.

If you missed the start… Among our back-to-school programs: Twitter, the site of the most powerful. While social media with more than 280 words keeps the pulse of our company and a favorite to fight after every bullshit argument, Nicolas Cori wrote a great story to tell Twitter since its inception in 2006, it has two primary divisions. available here.

“This is America” ​​is good again. We also promise you the third season of This is America, the story of Corentin Sellin opens, after several summers showing that the Republican Party is more Trumpist than before, in the upcoming midterm elections with a crazy heart: civil war or not. Simple.

If you miss the summer (1)… If you missed the summer of Dates, it’s not too late and you know we weren’t kidding you. So Sophian Fanen created a series with small glasses… dedicated to ABBA. Yes, yes, the old band from the 1970s has become a cult and has started a series of digital concerts where avatars take the stage instead of worm-eaten Swedes: the quest for eternal life read in four times ofABBA, forever that is, it will never end.

If you miss the summer (2)… because your ears are busy listening to summer, it’s not too late. The name of a person, Pauline Paillassa’s podcast in seven episodes, is online and accessible. It is an interesting and challenging research for information and people who want to change their name, find their roots or forget a dirty childhood.

If you missed the summer (3)… What if the share of sunflower oil after Putin’s war in Ukraine is not really as high as the supermarkets say? It is read in congregation Oil of temptationsigned to Alexandre Bourasseau, in three times and not one more, so that it is not fat (you will appreciate the photos suitable for the good perfume taken by our photographer Simon Lambert).

If you miss the summer (4)… This is a common outcome of the event: we hear that hot participants are judged on appearance immediately and then nothing. Not satisfied with Lola Breton who traveled to France of the courts to tell this quick fix sometimes. Read on At a glanceaccompanied by photographs by Aurélie Garnier.

If you miss the summer (5)… You will not miss the fall, because the announcement of Salt for life, Lena Bjurström’s great show, is far from over. Apart from the slightly airy newspaper page of a series where the temperature is consistently below 30°C, Salt for life It is a tour of the North Pole alongside the only indigenous people in Europe, facing climate change and industrialization that is moving faster than its reindeer. See you this Friday for the next episode about a mysterious forgotten skeleton…

If you miss the summer (6)… It is the lunch meeting, with olives and peaches and free entry. Update in two clicksthe transformation of celebrity News in three line line by Félix Fénéon written in 1906 for a newspaper In the morning. And pecks without hunger at all, in two clicks and by clicking on the right arrow: little gems of newspapers and news items.

Don’t hold back your anger,” Dates “. Well, the records show that we won’t blame you (too much) if our spring subscription campaign isn’t full. – at 400 people close – achieve his goal. It’s a little ric-rac, as we wrote to you, but we will do everything to continue to give you this fast, different and stable newspaper. Also, Nicolas Cori, Sophian Fanen and Aurore Gorius are in the process of creating new stories that we are telling you. Not only is this great: yum! Pauline Paillassa is preparing a new podcast for us that promises to be fun, while Raphaël Garrigos and Isabelle Roberts are very busy with the problem that is shaking. Paris game and the Lagardère media under the influence of their beloved Bolloré. The other good news is that it’s not too late to implement the campaign by signing up publicly. – more a promotion is in progress: 70 euros per year, about 84 euro – or by making a donation.

Titles you’ve missed. For the series ABBA, forever, inspiration came from Jean-Jacques Goldman (“ABBA, everything is new and everything is wild”) before we left, and from a bad fight of the year ( “Old ABBA!”). The story in Sami is almost called “Sami, ghosts”, in another tribute to Scoubidou. And the part ofWhat do we eat? ? dedicated to hummus, called “When we only have hummus”, a festival: “The little man in hummus”, “Chiche, hummus makes the pea”, “Tonight, hummus evening”, ” Hummus, grown and fruitful”…

The titles you have never escaped. Yes, we laugh at ourselves and negative thoughts. But we have the right to brag a little when we have good titles, no but oh. So we’re a little proud of the three of Oil of temptation (“Desert oil”, “The end of the Françafrite?” and “We live in oil”)), and the fourth, “Oil once” was not kept. Also happy with the title for part of Counselors in the secretary general of the Elysée (“Macron is copying Kohler”), from that of the last recorded time. The inheritance“Lagardère: water in gases at all levels”, or from this, to the News in two pressure by Félix Fénéon on the killer river: “Alone in the Seine”.

Happy September to you.



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