Bordeaux startup HyPrSpace raises 1.1 million euros to launch its micro-launcher hybrid in 2024

The startup HyPrSpace, specialized in the design of micro-launchers, announced on April 28 that it has received funding of 1.1 million euros. Obtained from the Geodesic fund, the French Tech Seed fund managed by BpiFrance and private investors, this funding will be used to accelerate the development of its transmitter called OB-1.

dozen polyethylene

This aims to put 250 kg payloads into orbit, namely nano and micro satellites. To stand out from the competition, which promises to be strong in the field of micro-launchers, HyPrSpace is about its new hybrid thruster, using liquid/solid propellants. Therefore, it combines oxidant water, which is oxygen, with a solid fuel, polyethylene – a common plastic.

We can use polyethylene from recycling or biosourced explains Alexandre Mangeot, the founder of the startup. ” It’s ours The only thing that is stable is to have an opaque polyethylene, also black, so that it is easier to transfer the heat in the burning room. “. The advantage of solid fuel is that it does not require expensive equipment, such as turbo pumps, and does not need to be cryogenized. significantly reducing costs “, says Alexandre Mangeot. It also takes up less space on the media.

The startup will begin testing its engine in 2023 and continue into the following year. The new fundraiser will be used to prepare for these exams. ” We are putting on a test schedule. We expect it to be implemented by the end of the yearsaid Alexandre Mangeot. What worries us now is safety studies because our thruster will be loaded in tons so we can’t do anything. HyPrSpace hopes to be able to test its engine in flight in early 2024.

Outdoor advertising plan

If the young shot is better at the thruster, hopefully it will soon start learning how to design the launcher itself. The company participated in the call for projects “reusable microlaunchers 2026” of the public sector of France 2030, in order to obtain funds to design this rocket proposed by HyPrSpace to be reused.

Our core business is transportation. But to make a launcher, you need other subsystems, such as avionics, structures, or a ground unit.explains Alexandre Mangeot. We’re going to go out into that area and meet people who know how to do it. The idea is not to reinvent the wheel in this field but to show that we can significantly reduce the costs of putting it into orbit.»

Currently located at the ENSAM campus in Talence, the company will move at the end of the month to live in the city of Haillan, where an ArianeGroup site is located.

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