At the Venice Museum, in connection with the Chanel party

Will the Venice Film Festival cover the Cannes Film Festival? This 79th edition, set under a sapphire blue sky, is incomparable. Actors and actresses retired, the Golden Lion was awarded to Catherine Deneuve, the endless ballet of water taxis against the backdrop of magnificent palaces: she is in this dream that Chanel organized, within the walls of Harry’s Bar, a dinner to the small committee meeting. around Virginie Viard friends of the house, international stars –Penelope Cruz, Tilda Swinton, Blanca Li…- French style –Anne Berest, Rebecca Zlotowsky, Magaajya Silberfeld…- but the creators and lovers of the 7th art, like this French collector who is one of the most important experts in the world on… Marylin Monroe. And while the events are competing in the city of the Doges, where the first Vanity Fair group opened, which organized the Bal de Lumière, Chanel once again put her unique approach to beauty, style and culture.

Misia Sert, the Ballets Russes and the Venetian cicchetti

The house is at home. He will remember that in the 1920s Gabrielle Chanel see Venice, brought by his friend Misia Sert. It was a wonderful experience that would mark him throughout his life, until he extended his trips on the Orient Express in this city where culture meets, from the Baroque to the Byzantine, from architecture The avant-gardes of his time were Romanesque, don’t be fooled by him. It was Gabrielle Chanel herself who organized Diaghilev’s funeral here, as well as the procession that took the founder of the Ballets Russes from the lively Greek Orthodox Church of Calle dei Greci to a which is undoubtedly the most beautiful cemetery in the world, the San Michele cemetery. . Venice, a love of life and death… “I thought about that a lot the last time I was in Venice, especially every time I see the lion for personal reasons as well, it’s special for me. I always see a giant connection in the same things,” explained Penelope Cruz, who came to present the film here. The size .But don’t forget to stop at Harry’s Bar. Opened in 1931 by Giuseppe Cipriani, this establishment is legendary, not only for the arm’s-length list of celebrities who have passed through the archway of Calle Vallaresso overlooking the Grand Canal, but because this is where carpaccio and Bellini are made.

Served, on a plate, to all diners, in a stream of cicchettiVenetian tapas: croquettes, mini croque-monsieur, used, than a tuna tartare, a risotto in the rules of art, a fish and an anthology dessert. Forget all the clichés about Venice: like the little black dress, Chanel’s reception is under the sign of simplicity (not to mention simplicity: all the wines , for example, there are wines for the Chanel galaxy. , starting with the grand cru Château Canon). There are no private palaces, no elaborate kitchens, no historical frescoes guarding the walls: the atmosphere is nothing unusual, more relaxed.

A meeting with Gabrielle Chanel

And remember that meeting). No one knows, and everyone knows at the same time. As part of the Mostra, one of the city’s islands has been specially dedicated educational experiences. It is also our story telling. This is where a “view” will be presented, designed with the Daruma studio to celebrate the anniversary of the fragrance n°5: a meeting with Gabrielle Chanel in person, in the shoes of Ernest Beaux, creator of the house’s signature fragrance. “We don’t just want to play the card of truth, but also take the imagination, a very real scene with many aspects to make the experience more palpable”, explained Mathias Chelebourg, the founder of the known thing. in the integration of live performance and digital immutability. For the French version, Marion Cotillard, the ambassador of the perfume, who gave his speech at this meeting with a completely new style (but the English language, with his pronunciation of the French accent, is useful the route). An event to be announced soon in Paris…

A virtual meeting with Gabrielle Chanel.


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