15 indoor plants for your home

Here are some ideas for the hottest tropical plants to add to your home for a sense of freshness and exoticism every day.

Design plant n°1: Monstera deliciosa

A monstera growing in a pot. Owner: Marina Gorevaya

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Decorative and decorative, the monstera deliciosa or philodendron deserves its place in your garden. This green plant will bring life to your home and bring a touch of exoticism for sure. All you have to do is place it on a beautiful chair or on the floor to enjoy its beauty. Monstera grows naturally in the forests. Maintenance of normal water and without excess, placing it near the window without leaving natural light and repotting every 2 years. Monstera also likes to be trained. Wipe its leaves with a soft, wet cloth to keep it clean.

Design plant n°2: Chlorophytum

Chlorophytum in a pot. Available: Gheorhge

Chlorophytum or spider plant is a different plants decorations to enjoy inside and out. It is characterized by its green leaves and patches of fallen leaves that look like fire. People appreciate the easy care of this green plant. Of course, for maintenance, it is enough to keep his moist potting soil in the spring and summer and reduce the frequency of watering in the fall and winter. You can grow Chlorophytum in a pot in your yard or garden. Or, putting it in your living room, near the window, is also a good idea.

Forest tree n°3: the Cycas palm

A Cycas palm grows in the garden. Available: kornyeyeva

In order to decorate your terrace or your garden, use the Palm Cycas. This is not a palm tree. It is an ancient fern that has been around for over 100 years before this tree you know so well. Cycas are distinguished by their broad stems with leafy stems. Its large size allows you to create a small corner outside your home. This exotic plant needs watering during the growing season. Out of the middle landsmust grow this green plant in a pot.

Tropical plant n°4: the banana tree

It is a banana plant in its natural form. Credit: Julio Ricco

It is generally believed that the banana tree is a fruit tree. It is a really big plant. There are many different types of banana trees. However, it is necessary to grow complex things. The Japanese banana tree and its foliage are perfect for your garden or veranda. It depends on the climatic conditions of our areas. This exotic plant can be planted in the ground or in pots. For a place growing in an officeyou have to put it in a pan filled with clay balls and keep the bottom dry.

Tropical plant n°5: the rosebush

A gardener tending to his roses. Credit: OlgaPonomarenko

Roses are the perfect outdoor plants to bring a splash of color to your garden, terrace or veranda. Their flowers are dressed in all the colors of the rainbow and their leaves are a deep green. This exotic plant gives off a sweet smell that reminds of forest trees. A rose plant should be planted in deep, well-drained soil. Then you need to add more fat to increase its growth. At the water level, a take water two or three times a week. It is recommended to water directly at the foot of the depth so as not to damage its leaves.

Plain plant n°6: the fern

Ferns. Available: beekeepx

of the fern cultivation or Filicophytes should be recommended if you want to create a tropical atmosphere in your home. This exotic plant gives a wild air to the gardens and decorates the steps and balconies with its beautiful beauty. However, in order to enjoy its beauty, it must be well maintained. This green plant appreciates cool and shady places. It does not allow full sun. Some fern species such as splenium nidus and adiantum fragrans are suitable for living rooms. They are placed near a window and far away heat source such as a radiator or stove.

Tropical plant number 7: pineapple

A pineapple planted in a pot. Yes: v_zaitsev

If you are looking for an idea of different plants inside, the pine will tempt you. Its aromatic leaves and aromatic fruits bring a touch of originality and a note of freshness to all your decorations. This beautiful plant native to South America will do well in different rooms of your house or on your veranda. The good thing about pineapple is that you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep it. You just have to grow this herb in a potwater regularly with non-calcareous water and add fertilizer about every 2 weeks.

Plain plant n°8: tillandsias

A tillandsia plant. Credit: Mauricio Acosta

The beauty and lightness of tillandsias make it a decorative plant par excellence. They will be perfect for your Japanese garden. Otherwise, they will also decorate the exterior with a clean and minimalist spirit. Considering their environment, tillandsias are classified in the category of epiphytic plants. Even if they are not required, some simple rules should be followed to maintain their beauty. For example, the frequency of water will depend on their nature. While some need to be watered every 2 months, others need to be watered every 10 to 15 days. This plant also needs natural light and sun to grow well.

Design plant n°9: bamboo

A Japanese garden with bamboo. Credit: Delpixart

For a place subject matter successful, you can grow bamboo. This practice is common in gardens. Provided, of course, you choose the right style. If you plan to grow this exotic plant in your living room, it should be planted in a large pot. It’s also useful always care (frequent watering, a layer of gravel under the pot, cleaning the leaves, etc.). Canes grown outdoors should be watered once or twice a day. They will serve as decorative and protective vis-à-vis.

Tropical plant n°10: the orchid

A Dendrobium Orchid. Photo: Maryviolet

Orchids are very popular indoors. Especially when they are in bloom. However, you can place them on your terrace or balcony to increase the beauty and beauty. There are There are many types of orchids. The choice depends on your preferences and the colors you want to add to your home. The treatment of this exotic plant varies depending on the species. However, it is a simple plant that can withstand different climatic conditions. Indoors, orchids should be placed in suitable containers. You should keep them near the window so they can enjoy good light.

Design plant n°11: hibiscus

A red hibiscus flower. Credit: Nora Tarvus

Also the hibiscus the best exotic plants grow at home. It can come and live in your living space or beautify your outdoor decoration. Of course, it can be cultivated in pots or in the ground. It tolerates the drop in winter temperatures well. With proper care, this plant will give you its charming beauty for many years to come. Hibiscuses grown in containers will live for 2-3 years. Those grown in the garden are 10 years old on average. Keep this exotic plant well-watered to enjoy its freshness all season long.

Tropical plant n°12: passion flower

A passion flower. Photo: AnnaDudek

If you have a large garden, the climbing other plants be welcomed. Passionflower is one of those plants perfect for a tropical theme. It reminds of the taste of the Mediterranean countries. This exotic style will decorate your small corner of the holiday and create a warm atmosphere. Maintenance is easy. You just need to plant it in a place that is well exposed to the sun and protected from the wind. This exotic plant also needs frequent watering. A trellis is also necessary if you use it adorn your face.

Design plant n°13: Bougainvillea

The Bougainvillea in its flowering season. Credit: Flavio Foglietta

If you like climbing plants, you will like this method from the south. Bougainvillea is perfect for bringing color outside your home. Of course, it comes in different colors. You can let it climb on your front, your fence, your pergola… This plant loves the sun. It does not support the winter. If you live in a place with harsh winters, it should be grown in pots. You can leave it when the temperature drops. To enjoy the beauty of this vine, you can always collect. A typical water supply is shown.

Tropical plant n°14: the Calathea

A Calathea flower. Eaten: C HAJIJI

It’s yours decoration in the tropical theme, the culture of the Calathea is mentioned. It is one of the most popular exotic plants among art deco enthusiasts due to its beautiful orange flowers and decorative leaves. The ease of maintenance of this plant is also appreciated. The water supply is usually without the need. You should plant it in a deep pot filled with soil.

Tropical plant n°15: the avocado tree

An avocado tree grown in a pot. Image: Anca Ionica

The avocado tree is one of the most popular forest plants. It’s perfect for indoor living, even if it’s placed near a window, away from natural light. His culture is simple. Just put its seeds in the right containers. When the avocado tree is the same size as the trees, you can grow in the soil in your garden. Then you will benefit from a good shade and you will be able to harvest its fruits when it blooms.

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