The secrets of Aubert and Mathieu to succeed in an ultra-competitive market, Marketing and Sales

It would be an understatement to say that Anthony Aubert and Jean-Charles Mathieu have established their careers in an ultra-competitive industry. France counts 85,000 farmers a wine-growing operation, according to the Intervin syndicate, and French vineyards produce 3,240 different wines. Almost as many competitors in the stores of wine merchants for the two companies that began their work as a wine merchant and an interior wine merchant. 2018, in Carcassonne.

“We open and buy wines from 25 wineries, and we sell them under our brand”, details Anthony Aubert, who pointed out that working with a oenological laboratory in order to make the best choices. The 32-year-old businessman first worked in the export of champagne. His longtime friend Jean-Charles Mathieu, at the same age, had a financial career.

“99% of our work is sold B2B, to wineries and restaurants. Our website, where we sell directly Canada, indicates low volume. But putting our products forward,” said the company.

Stand out with attention

The two founders are working on a turnover of around 1.5 million euros for the financial year 2023. 300,000 bottles sold, with 6% for export. It’s a small job for a company that has three employees and is growing in the heart of the Covid-19 crisis. “In the world of wine, you need to know more than you really are,” says Anthony Aubert, offering a starting point of explanation. The entrepreneur has already chosen stand out on the face.

On its bottles, leave out loud names of vineyards or pictures with pictures of old castles. Aubert and Mathieu are close visible image at first glance, with one of the vintage photos decorated with silver pieces: “We think that in the house of a good seller, all the wines are good. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the others. The idea is to have an original artistic experience, without falling into the wacky”, announces Anthony Aubert.

Based on these created examples, Aubert and Mathieu say a high ranking position. The strategy is common in the world of wine, but the two merchants chose to put the price 30 to 40% higher than their direct competitors: “We wanted to put ourselves in the wine sector. With this price, we explain to our customers that there is no shortage of our products. »

There are three axes of communication

The brand and features are widely promoted on the world wide web. “We have a visible bottle, where people take a picture and share it, putting us on their post.”

The two founders want to put themselves in the category of fine wines.
– Aubert and Matthew

The company publishes its own content on which to focus instagram a LinkedIn. A very solid choice inspired by its target (urban residents aged 25 to 40), not found on Facebook or TikTok for example: “Three important lines of our communication: The reason wine and the method of production, the product in -even , and food-wine combinations. This is very appreciated by the subscribers, “said the company.

From the Internet to the store

The use of such a strategy may be strange for a company that bases its business model on B2B: “All customers from large companies are on social networks, even in a personal way and in outside of their work! First contact is often used in this way. »

Both founders take inspiration from other industries such as music or perfume for their communication. Therefore, contrary to the strategies that are usually used in the world of wine: “We have announced a NFT offers the right to six bottles to its customers, drawing inspiration from what sneakers can do,” said Anthony Aubert.

On the part of both companies, we are thinking about the future. Anthony Aubert and Jean-Charles Mathieu have thought a lot about the direction they want to take their business. “We ask ourselves how long we want to grow. We don’t really know why we are buying castle after castle. Why not stay? business in human form ? philosopher Anthony Aubert.

One thing is clear, however, the company wants to open up somewhere physical space where to taste its wines, and develop an understanding for its customers. What remains, besides the virtual, is less of the real world.

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