The best makeup removers for sensitive skin

Make-up can be removed in a natural clavaire for sensitive skin (Getty Images)

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Compatible with make-up, these innovative make-up products are extremely gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin know that removing makeup can leave skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. It hurts, the work at the end of the day gives this case the least desire to rub shoulders with him. If not…

Combining natural ingredients and next-generation techniques, these cleansers are gentle on the skin while being tough on makeup and impurities. They have permanent results in the hydration of the skin, such as care, without leaving pimples. Shall we introduce your new evening companions?

The classic Squalane cleanser

The classic Squalane cleanser

The classic Squalane cleanser

What is that ? The mono-ingredient brand The Ordinary, which makes every new product exciting, offers a gentle and hydrating face wash with squalane. This part (found here in its herbal form) has a texture close to the hydrolipidic film and is therefore suitable for all skin types for daily use. Massaged into the hands, its texture transforms into an oil that effectively removes make-up and unclogs pores. All at a low price. A great purchase that you can always rely on.

How do we use it? Pour a small amount into the hands and rub them until the product becomes an oil, then apply to dry skin before washing with warm water.

The end ? Clean, soft and hydrated skin that does not pull and no pimples in the air.

€7.20 at €7.90 at €7.90 at

Oh My Cream make-up remover balm

Make-up remover balm Oh My Cream

Make-up remover balm Oh My Cream

What is that ? Made with coconut oil, jojoba, oat flakes and beeswax. Some may think that this formula is not suitable for black skin, however, its softness and smoothness allow it to cleanse the skin without being too heavy, and jojoba oil is also known as It’s a great partner for breaking up. skin Even with reactive skin, the test is to take it!

How do we use it? On dry skin, gently massage the face with closed eyes to remove all impurities. Then add a little water to emulsify the formula before washing. Then you can use the cleansing gel for double deep cleansing, very popular among Korean women, which will completely eliminate the skin of the light film that the balm leaves.

The end ? Skin that is not pulled, not red.

From €13 at

Light Duty Cleansing Oil

Paint makeup remover

Paint makeup remover

What is that ? Beauty Bible Awards 2022, Eco Beauty Awards 2019, Pai’s cleansing oil has been decorated with many distinctions. Based on wild rose oil, like the best-selling British brand, its 100% natural formula removes complex SPF and waterproofing action without irritating the skin. Very pleasant to apply with its texture and light scent, it works like a magnet with sebum and impurities but never irritates the skin or eyes.

How do we use it? We pour 2 to 3 pumps of oil on the face, pressing the affected areas, we add a few drops of water to change the milk, then we wash with warm water.

The end ? The oil washes off easily and leaves the skin clean, balanced, soft and glowing thanks to the natural omegas in the oil.

€19 for travel size (28ml) €38 for full size (100ml)

Green Clean Farmacy is a makeup remover

Farmacy makeup remover

Farmacy makeup remover

What is that ? With a sorbet texture, the Green Clean Makeup Meltaway balm transforms into a milk foam with a deadly scent of lime, bergamot and orange. Papaya extracts gently exfoliate the skin and replenish its texture, while sunflower oil and ginger root oil remove the most stubborn, without drying the skin.

How do we use it? By taking a balm using a spatula attached and applied to dry skin. Then massage with fingers to absorb the product, focusing on the areas that need attention and then clean with clean water or a warm washcloth.

The end ? Make-up, dead skin and impurities are removed for hydrated skin, like silk.

€19.87 at

Tonymoly Ferment Snail Timeless Hydrating Foam Cleanser

What is that ? Emily Ratajkowski made us discover its benefits in a serum, now in an ultra moisturizing cleansing foam that invites snail slime. Here it is fermented with gold to strengthen its soothing action and nourish tired skin and restore its elasticity. The effervescent formula effectively removes all impurities while nourishing the skin.

How do we use it? With light massages before washing.

The end ? Soft, glowing and plumped skin.

€23.95 instead of €31.95 at

Susanne Kaufmann’s Gentle Cleansing Milk

Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Milk

Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Milk

What is that ? Unused, the cleaning milk is restored to its former glory in Susanne Kaufmann’s workshop. The Austrian beauty brand, as chic as it is practical, combines chamomile, sage, St. A milky but very light texture that gently removes dirt and make-up.

How do we use it? By hand (this will avoid irritation due to the brush!), In small light circles before washing with warm water.

The end ? Very soft skin, regularly cleansed with rosehip oil and without redness thanks to the high vitamin E content of sunflower oil.

From 41 € at 41 € at

Nüe solid makeup remover



What is that ? Kokum butter, calendula, rice starch and plum oil, this zero-waste cleansing oil is a real highlight of the ingredients of natural origin. Handcrafted in France, it becomes milky when mixed with water to cleanse and soothe the skin at the end of the day.

How do we use it? By carefully rubbing the pebble on the skin or a wet washcloth the solid oil becomes milky. Then massage the face and clean it with warm water.

The end ? The skin is flawless, soft and protected, with no residue.

€7.90 at

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