PHOTOS – Venice Film Festival 2022 – Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde make a splash with simple but great looks!

Sometimes it’s not enough to turn heads. Coming to the presentation of their film at the Venice Film Festival this Monday, September 5, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were surprised by their simple and good appearance.

come to show Don’t worry dear at the Venice Film Festival, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, they are love the cinematographyget inside picture phone then in the red car with the rest of the team this Monday, September 5. This feature film is a psychological thriller directed by the actor, his second, Harry Styles is the main actor. Arriving separately by water bus, the lovers made a statement with their clothes.

The singing star, who made her acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 film Dunkirk, turned heads when she arrived at the Venice Lido. And as usual, the old one a member of the boy band One Direction make a strong observation. With his skin-tight suit, blue shirt, statement rings, two with his initials, 1960s style glasses and sky blue painted nails, Harry Styles is classic at Gucci. His many tattoos are also visible.

Olivia Wilde keeps it simple and leaves Harry Styles

In the picture phone such as red, the two lovebirds stayed at a distance. If the director enjoyed working with the other actors of the film, including Chris Pine and Gemma Chan, he decided not to be alone with the translator. Talking in the night. On the look side, she chose simplicity by sticking to emerald green with a long dress signed by Chanel that brought out her eyes. She matched it with black cowboy boots. Arriving by water bike, her jacket was unbuttoned to reveal a black bra.

Just leave picture phone, Florence Pugh. If he is in red, The relationship between the director and his lead actress is rumored to be new. Olivia Wilde wanted to deny them and thanked Florence Pugh for coming to the photo shoot while she was currently filming. Dunes 2but on the red, the two women were separated from each other, changing only for the least.

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Image credits: Zuma Press / Bestimage

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