How to make your scent last longer?

When you put the perfume on, it smells good. And all day long! Unfortunately, some scents fade quickly. So what happens? How to extend the shelf life of your perfume by at least a few hours?

Here are our 5 tips to make your favorite perfume last until the evening and leave an amazing scent in your wake.

1. Cleanse your skin

First, find that olfactory molecules are better at the deep water surface. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer on your body before spraying your eau de toilette.

In order to avoid mixing fragrances, please choose a fragrance-free moisturizer or, better yet, use perfume milk of the same fragrance, so you can increase his firmness.

2. Set up planning areas

Generally, the hottest areas of the epidermis, called ” puzzle numbers“, it is easier to control the smell of spices.

So that, the back of the neck, the wrists, the tops of the elbows, the backs of the ears and the knees It can be a great place to keep your scent in time. Be careful though: the idea is not to empty your bottle all at once, but to practice these planning points easily.

3. Use a solid spice or sauce

Called solid perfume, “concrete” comes in the form of a balm or cream. Stronger than liquid perfume, it disperses its scent longer on the skin.

Without alcohol, the concrete is perfect for both sensitive and sensitive skin. To apply, simply warm the material between your hands and apply it to the pulse points, massaging gently to work it into the skin.

A brand like Lush offers a variety of styles, but you can always find the most common fragrances. Also, We recommend the works of Diptyque and Jo Malone.

Philosykos Diptyque refillable perfume bottle: €52

4. Put perfume on her hair

To prolong the smell of your perfume, some say to wake up your hair. It really works. But be careful not to strain your handBecause perfumes often contain alcohol, they can dry out your hair.

To limit this effect, you can:

  • apply a few drops of perfume to your hair before styling your hair;
  • spray a cloud of scent about 10 cm above your head and gently place the olfactory organs;
  • choose an alcohol-free mist.

5. Consider clothes

This is not a trick that we say a lot, but we can’t tell. In the same vein as hair, you can extend the quality of your fragrance by lightly spritzing (we need this word) your clothes.

To prevent stains, always keep your bottle at least twenty centimeters away from clothes and avoid white clothes. Also, prefer things made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, cashmere or velvet, to reduce the smell of your perfume.

The best thing is the spice in the collar or cuffs of a shirt or dress as well as the covering of a garment or garment.

There you are, now you know how to smell the sun all day long. Remember that tooeau de parfum is better than diluted eau de toilette and the olfactory pyramid plays a major role in how your scent develops over time.

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