PHOTOS – Trainers: eyeshadow palettes for fall-winter 2022/2023

Warm shades, shades of precious stones, satins and shiny finishes… Autumn is not the same as dark! Update the new eyeshadow palette for the new season for a beautiful make-up, day and night.

If there’s one area of ​​the eye that has benefited from the Covid pandemic, it’s the eyes. Indeed, if the mouth and part of the skin are hidden under a veil, the eyes are clearly visible. Therefore, it is not surprising that facial cosmetics among the essentials for many people.

Among these products, the eyeshadow palette works great. It’s true that having 5 mascaras, 6 eyeliners or 4 eyebrow pencils is a bit overwhelming, but 5 eyeshadow palettes? It makes perfect sense, when you consider how many eyeshadow palettes come out every year, all offering shades, finishes and finishes that are more desirable than others. . And if summer is coming to an end, that’s good news: it’s a good time to see which sunglasses we’ll be dropping.

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A feast of color on the eyelid

As the day begins to spread, this is a good time dive into the warm shades of autumnthe one who joins theblack and red tones with ocher and brick tones. These colors are in the spotlight in fall eyeshadow palettes, including 5 Couleurs Couture 889 Reflexion by Diorthe Puma Eyeshadow Quartet by Chantecaille or Les 4 Ombres Tweed Fauve by Chanel. Do you know how smart it is? That’s good, The start of the 2022 school year is marked under the symbol of color, wanting to have fun with pop and new nuances. The only idea: if we do the eyes, we will stay calm at the level of the lips and cheeks. Up Til Dawn 35A palettes from MorphMAC Art Library It’s Designer Eye Palette MAC and Zendo Palette Natasha Denon so ignore the pop screens to have fun.

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Satin turns off the light

On the catwalk, Metallic or glittery shades were a big hit at the Fall/Winter Fashion Week shows., whether it’s a silver color (because the entire color palette is responsible for its satin, metallic or shiny appearance) or metallic touches placed like jewels on the eyelids. That’s why you’ll find these shades in many fall eyeshadow palettes, including the New Eye Palette.Anastasia Beverly Hillsthe Mega Mothership II Celestial Odyssey Palette from Pat McGrath or Eye Protection Pixi + Hello Kitty.

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Brick shadows on the eyes

Finally, the latest fashion seen on the catwalks can be found in our fall palette : shade of precious stones, apply flat on the entire eyelid (up to the brow bone), as a liner or under the eye. Emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz red… They are available in the G 360 Mystic Peacock Shadow Palette GuerlainCome and play the palette Beautiful Rarethe Chroma and More Than Chocolate Palette from When you face it.

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Image Credits: Guerlain Huda Beauty

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