Didier Tabary, progress in leather

With Kresk, his cosmetics company, the Breton businessman distributes his high-quality and eco-friendly products to 60 countries.

Everything he touches becomes rich. These fifty things with blue eyes from the sea of ​​Brittany, from Paimpol, know how to decorate a product like no other. Whether it’s shampoo, cologne or anti-acne cream, he rethinks everything, starting with the bag. “I know beauty is better,” summed up this business school graduate. His know-how, he found in the house of Chanel, by leading the markets of Latin America, Korea and Italy of Bourjois make-up (the former owner of Chanel).

How do you bring that beautiful je-ne-sais-quoi to a little classic brand? We re-think every detail, from packaging typography to advertising images and customer tracking. “For example, for Lazartigue, it takes six months to develop a drawing. “It’s a good example. This 1960s brand, founded by Jean-François Lazartigue, has grown old with its founder wanting to retire. Today, it is the manager of the eco-responsible, vegan label, packaging made with recycled and recyclable plastic. “We’ve changed all the chemicals. And they’re coming up with a solid shampoo.

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When Didier Tabary left Chanel, he was going it alone. Backed by an investment fund, he bought the Filorga injectable product factories and expanded the range to the public while maintaining the “scientific” proof. The result: a series of creams and serums dressed in black, which claim to reduce the depth of wrinkles measured and confirmed by independent studies. In ten years, Tabary increased the turnover and income, bought Colgate again but kept FillMed, hyaluronic acids sold to aesthetic doctors, a field that is constantly expanding. Le Breton is known for other French brands: SVR and Couvent des Minimes, where he completed Couvent. Moving up is amazing, the good sisters can be proud: about thirty fragrances, developed by a former Hermès employee, Jean-Claude Ellena. The box has a “nose”: chic and thoughtful. But at reasonable prices. Jackpot.

What’s next after this announcement

It provides depollution and education to the younger generation

SVR is the acquisition of several chemists, Simone and Robert Véret, who have been mixing their oils in their factory in Plessis-Pâté near Orly airport since 1962. their grandchildren (very) big, have a client with Tabary who takes care of the. factory, renovation, expansion. Today, SVR nurtures an army of researchers who are thinking about the anti-wrinkles and anti-acne products of tomorrow. Turnover has tripled in eight years. The best seller: a liquid oil. All products are packaged in recycled plastic

Ecology, a firm idea for this warm-weather management, father of a 10-year-old boy. This forces him to invest in the depollution and education of the younger generation with Kresk, a combined budget of 4,5 billion. Called National Education, its education package is distributed among schools. Kresk invests in a semi-submersible to detect plastic waste on the coast, from Marseille to Monaco. This billionaire CEO is amazing, but he is known in the business for giving the best to the employees who did not leave him. “We have very little turnover,” he admits. But that doesn’t stop the problems. The goal of the company, which exports to 60 countries, is to reach 75, in China or Asia. Do not allow yourself to be eaten by competitors in Europe, where the market is saturated. In one year, he plans to open champagne on the roof of his Parisian headquarters designed by architect Wilmotte, Cours Albert-Ier. A humble crowning achievement, but a crowning achievement nonetheless.

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