Charlotte Casiraghi, the badass queen of rock style

She may not carry the title, but Charlotte Casiraghi has all the makings of a real princess. Her regal looks and looks befit her status as a member of the Monaco royal family.

Daughter of Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi The amazing body was inherited as thought by the bad clothes of his mother and grandmother, Grace KellyOn a red car, on a horse or in his daily life, now he is putting himself. the queen form on the Rock, until the growth of Instagram stories dedicated to this topic.

Charlotte Casiraghi at Paris Jumping on November 30, 2003 © Abd Rabbo-Nebinger/ABACA

Instead of shining in society, he hides behind long bangs and wears lambda youth clothes, or tight pants or casual denim clothes. When he reached his twenties, he began to give a touch of eccentricity to his looks and entered the collections of the trendiest designers.

If only her public appearances were lighter since her marriage to the filmmaker Dimitri Rassam in 2019, the characteristics of the daughter of the Prince Albert II of Monaco always flying. Simple clothes with stones or complicated stories about time. For red mattressthe most common around Chanel, Saint Laurent or Anthony Vaccarello he turned to wear it. Long chiffon dresses for big days like Poe Rosea little black dress and vinyl shoes or a leather miniskirt and flats to go to an art show. Saint Laurent, an asymmetrical sequined strapless dress to walk the steps of the Met Gala, a sequined jumpsuit or a midnight blue silk dress with a plunging neckline and no back to the Cannes Film Festival in 2022… The young woman born in 1986 is. a true chameleon. And it’s very simple: everything suits him.

What are Charlotte Casiraghi’s favorite brands?

rider emeritus, the Princess participated in many horse shows that earned her the choice of muse for Gucci and his line dedicated to the equestrian world in 2012. But Chanel will dedicate him as an ambassador and speaker in 2020. During the haute couture show 2022-2023, he is seen on horseback as the show opens. The holder of a degree in philosophy follows in the footsteps of his mother who has a very strong relationship with Karl Lagerfeld and therefore with the house on rue Cambon. In addition to being the face of several creative campaigns, Charlotte Casiraghi also hosted a literary group called “Les rendezvous littéraires rue Cambon”, with Virginie Viard, the label’s artistic director.

Charlotte Casiraghi at the Chanel Cruise 2023 presentation in Monaco on May 5, 2022 © Piovanotto Marco/ABACA

What are his favorite looks?

Every day, the queen sees her music charts: men’s blazerwell-cut jeans, heels with low heels, old T-shirts… Everything with a stone twist like these skinny pants with a denim shirt that she wore in before the movie. The best is yet to come in 2019.

What are the secrets of her wedding dresses?

For his wedding civil with Dimitri Rassam in June 2019 is in Saint Laurent he said “yes” to the chosen one of his heart. A short boat-neck dress in lace with long sleeves and bows on the front echoes the one worn by her mother, Caroline of Monaco, when she married in December 1983 Stefano Casiraghi, the father of Charlotte and her siblings Andrea and Rock.

For the evening, the princess was dressed Perfect strapless dress by Chanel in honor of his signature diamond river Cartier. It was a jewel for his grandmother Grace Kelly and can be seen in her official portrait. On the hair front, she sported a similar look to her grandmother, with a messy side.

For her religious wedding, she chose a signature bohemian dress Giambattista Valli. The boat neck, sheer sleeves and embroidered flowers pay homage to her mother again. Indeed, for her wedding to Philippe Junot in 1978, Caroline of Monaco wore a wedding dress with seventy stories.

It’s easy to imitate her classic looks: cool colors, a well-cut blazer, a little black dress, slim jeans and black ankle boots become business partners. For more special events, select a location long flowing dress revealing shoulders like the muslins he so loved. Or, we can choose to show our legs with sports clothes combined with skate shoes.

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