Chanel has released the N°1 collection and it’s a big deal

Chanel’s N°1 collection is what the beauty house considers its biggest launch since Chanel N°5. This shows how much work the house has done to present this unique collection. Its name recalls the emblematic N°5, the best store for more than 100 years.

What is Chanel’s N°1 collection?

This is Chanel’s first product collection covering all of its beauty categories: skin care, fragrance and make-up. Rather than just releasing a fragrance, N°1 includes make-up and skincare as well as fragrance mist for a complete collection. In total, there are nine items in Chanel’s N°1 line – including a breakthrough powder-mousse cleanser, serum mist, skin cleansing foundation, lips and cheeks and fragrance mist – with prices from € 45 for €105.

The most interesting thing for me is the whole method that we have developed at this stage because we want to be able to bring visual and physical benefits, but also benefits for your soul. Nathalie Volpe, VPL International Research and Development Innovation at Chanel, told Cosmopolitan US.

How different is Chanel’s N°1 collection?

Chanel’s N°1 collection is truly innovative for the luxury house.

of the beautiful beautiful it doesn’t seem too long. With this new collection, the house of Chanel has made changes in the production chain with respect for the environment.

Printing has become easier and the weight of bottles and jars has been reduced to reduce weight. The use of plastics, especially single use, is limited. So e-mails and paper are done away with. All lids are made from renewable or bio-based materials. 80% of the line is made of recyclable glass. The inks used in the paper are organic.

Also, one of the most important products, the revitalizing cream, comes in a refillable container.

Of course, there is a long way to go, but it is a step in the right direction.

  • The benefits of camellia

Talk about beauty, in terms of the Chanel experience, the product range is different. The most important thing camel flower. The latter should improve your anti-aging treatment.

In short, the camellia produces an important phase – the first stage – of senescence. What is senescence? This is biological aging. Note: wrinkles. Stress, the sun’s UV rays and environmental pollutants damage our skin cells, causing aging, and old man. Camellia helps revitalize the skin by eliminating old cells and encouraging regeneration. The result is smooth, shiny and simple.

  • Beauty and good intentions

It took ten years to create this collection because Chanel wanted to listen to every style, especially the idea and the idea. Chanel does extensive research on the relationship between sensory experience and emotion. The beauty salon has a neuroscience laboratory where it studies the effect of its products on consumers. Their studies have shown that Chanel’s No.

Today, Chanel offers us a collection of beauty that invites us to return to the basics of finding good ideas. And for this project, we choose yes.

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