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Whether it’s for his shows or perfumes, the house of Dior is synonymous with elegance and refinement. For more than 60 years, his fragrances have conquered men (and women) all over the world and are among the best selling perfumes every year.

From Eau Sauvage to Sauvage through Fahrenheit, almost all Dior men’s perfumes have marked their era.

Dior perfumes, only classics!

Christian Dior created his own house in 1946. It is a prestigious house, a symbol of French beauty and famous in the world. 20 years later, in 1966, Dior launched its first eau de toilette for men, Eau Sauvage.

Other men’s fragrances will follow, most of which have become real olfactory references around the world: Jules (1980), Fahrenheit (1988), Dune pour Homme (1997) and Dior Homme (2005) or Sauvage (2015). .

From the most popular to the most exclusive, here is a brief overview of the best men’s fragrances from Dior. We advise you: to try them is to take them!

Wild water

Give honor where honor is due! In 1966 the house Christian Dior released its first perfume dedicated to men. And at that time, Eau Sauvage broke the codes: the virility celebrated by the perfumer Edmond Roudnitska was filled with richness.

This duality is expressed through aromas, a lemon, bergamot, aromatic plants (basil, thyme, rosemary), hedione (a molecule reminiscent of jasmine) and a woody base. Who was better beforeAlain Delon (only since 2009!) can this perfume be included in cosmetics and body care?

Working day 1966
Olfactory family fruit
Olfactory subfamily spices
message above lemon, bergamot, thyme, rosemary, basil
Heart letter hedion
original message oak moss, vetiver, patchouli

Bad people

Dior Sauvage eau de toilette for men

After Alain Delon, Dior turned to another charismatic actor to introduce its new men’s perfume: Johnny Depp. And now, it was François Demachy who got down to developing the fragrance.

Conceived as the incarnation of a modern man, virile and honest, Sauvage opens with notes of bergamot, before a floral and hearty heart and a woody base (with ambroxan in the form ). Elegant, fresh and strong, this perfume is the perfect Eau Sauvage.

Working day 2015
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily fruit
message above bergamot, orange
Heart letter lavender, black pepper, geranium
original message vetiver, patchouli, amber wood, coumarin

Dior is for men

Dior Homme fragrance

You have been told that all Dior perfumes are among the classics. Here is the proof. It’s down to its name: Dior Homme can be seen as an olfactory translation of Christian Dior’s vision of masculine style.

Built around the iris, Dior Homme transforms high-end perfumes into a list of accomplishments. Its bottle, thoughtful and refined, is in the same shape, which evokes the silhouette of a man in a suit and tie.. The fragrance has already seen many variations since its release, from very sporty to very strong.

Working day 2005
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily flower-musk
message above bergamot, lavender, sage
Heart letter iris, ambergris, blood
original message vetiver, patchouli, leather note


Dior Fahrenheit Men's Perfume

As the best men’s perfume, Fahrenheit allowed Dior to change the menu compared to the previous perfumes.

In 1988, Jean-Louis Sieuzac decided to play with olfactory extremes. Its composition is based on a fresh chypre note, with a beautiful floral and natural base mixed with violet leaves. So the note is better, nice and rounded at the same time… like the bottle, which is considered a totem of life, with a hue from red to red yellow and magma that awakens .

Twenty years after the launch of Fahrenheit, Dior unveiled Fahrenheit 32 in 2007.. Designed around vetiver, orange blossom and vanilla, this oriental woody fragrance takes its name from the heat that turns water into ice. Except for the name, the two fragrances have nothing in common…

Working day 1988
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily flower blossom
message above lavender, lemon
Heart letter violet, hawthorn
original message vetiver, patchouli

Tobacolor Private Collection Dior

Tobacolor Private Collection Dior

It is impossible to talk about the best Christian Dior men’s perfumes without entering the house’s Private Collection! Even there, it is difficult to choose just one scent, because the works of François Demachy reveal beautiful olfactory stories. From Eden Roc to Rouge Trafalgar through Spice Blend or Oud Ispahan, everything deserves your attention.

For men looking for an unscented fragrance, with a strong character and true authenticity, however, we can recommend Tobacolor. A distinctive oriental fragrance, playing with heat and cold, it reinvents tobacco by adding sweet and spicy fruity notes. Not the best known of the Dior fragrances, but perhaps one of the most complex and addictive.

Working day 2021
Olfactory family East
Olfactory subfamily fruits
message above tobacco, tobacco flower
Heart letter plum, peach, honey
original message amber

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