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With these 47 mm, the Bubble X Aiiroh you really want to live a big and colorful life. His call is inspired by the “Street Rose” (2020) by the French artist Aiiroh, who first came from the world of street art and graffiti. In this work, the combination of papers and headlines from street newspapers make the petals of a colored rose. A patterned black rose pattern is attached to the top.

A nod to art history…

Even if the Bubble X Aiiroh is closely related with the times, the watch work as collages is not new, and it is suitable as the world! Because if the collage saw its boom in the 1920s with the Dadaists and more famous Kurt Schwitters, its origins go back to the religious work of the 14th and 15th centuries. Others, e.g. like precious stones or gold, it is included in paintings – including famous paintings that are heavily decorated with gold.

But today’s images have changed – and the image is no longer tied to the religious message of the time. In his entertainment works, Aiiroh incorporates famous “iconic” logos, such as those of Louis Vuitton or Chanel, to “play with references and images that touch and unite my generation,” explained the artist.

Bubble47 X Auto Airoh © Corum

… and the history of watchmaking

Launched in 2000, Corum’s Bubble brought a breath of fresh air to the brand – first known for its craftsmanship – then led by Severin Wunderman. This crazy little model, inside the ball and its amazing dome, was inspired by the Deep Sea style from Rolex. In this model that is intended to protect the depth, the transparent dome that protects the dial has been preserved to protect it from excessive stress and is an important part of the history of watchmaking.

The Bubble is quickly emerging as a model that Corum needs. Originally offered in 44 mm., it has been changed to new diameters of 47 mm and 52 mm. This wide range of phones lends itself to a variety of styles and technologies. Its large domed sapphire crystal also creates an enhanced effect on these amazing dials. The proposed experimental and transgressive side of the Bubble has earned it a position by the brand in the world of contemporary art. Collaborations emerged, even with the Canadian Elisabetta Fantone and Aiiroh.

New Bubble: The Nature of Evil

Fog 47 Auto © Corum

The picture, especially the picture!

The same techniques as those used for Aiiroh’s “Street Rose” painting are used on the Bubble phone. Against a deep black, the collage of rose petals takes its full shine with shades of turquoise, orange, lavender, purple, blue, red, yellow and green. Then, a second layer of black in perforated aluminum – featuring a stylized rose – is attached. Aiiroh also creates a special case for this Bubble, painted in the spirit of graffiti.

But the collaboration does not end around this Corum Bubble X Aiiroh, and includes two artists from the same group: Namisen – a new Japanese artist – and Soyz Bank – a French artist. The three elements are combined to create a printed image, a flat, semi-paper image that is then finished in resin. Its design is inspired by the Corum watch portfolio, including the key symbol. For Corum and Bubble work, it’s decided outside of the norm now!

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