Charlene of Monaco and her cousin (princess).

Between the beautiful looks and revolutionary looks, Charlène de Monaco’s style is just like her different haircuts. Enhances the look of his royal face.

Since July 2011 and his arrival in the royal family of the Principality of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, aka Charlene of Monaco his attention to detail is evident in his various appearances. Fortunately, the South African swimming champion found her work style during her official tour, as she was pregnant with her twins. The charming style of the Stone, the young woman born in 1978 knows how to put her paw with the members of her new Monegasque family.

Charlene of Monaco at the Red Cross in Monaco on August 4, 2006 © Piovanotto Marco/ABACA

Used to her marriage to Prince Albert IIThe Zimbabwean born and South African based athlete has everything a typical young woman has when it comes to style, pledging loyalty to the skinny jeans a flow manager like a racerback tank top or a mini dress with spaghetti straps. When she first went out with her future husband, she wore it Evening Dresses It looks great as a tank top, strapless dress or a nice and tight short dress that shows off her long silhouette (she measures 1m77).

What are the secrets of Charlene of Monaco’s wedding dresses?

For her wedding, Charlène of Monaco had the opportunity to dress up three wedding dresses difference: a blue shirt and long dress signed Chanel for civil marriage 1would be July 2011, a white wedding dress designed by Armani for religious marriageand others Armani suit for evening of July 2, 2011.

charlene-de-monaco-wedding dress
Charlene of Monaco in an Armani dress at her religious wedding on July 2, 2011 © Guibbaud-Nebinger-Orban/ABACA

The dress for the religious ceremony is a Perfect model in silk with a boat neckfeatures 40,000 Swarovski crystals cloud 30,000 gold pearls. An amazing way of 5 meters long this dress is finished. Her bouquet is now the most important composition White flower like orchids, but also proteas, a colorful flower that honors South Africa. The second clothes The bride, who sported an evening gown by Armani, wore a long white gown with a cinched waist whose bodice was finished in ruffles that showed off her athletic figure.

In 2022, the princess returned from convalescence after suffering the previous year from an infection of the ENT area. A health problem forced him to spend several months in South Africa to undergo various surgeries. So she disappeared from the radar until March 2022, so she could resume her royal duties and return to her Instagram account. Because of its size come back In the official life of the royal family, in April, she was seen wearing an anthracite black jacket. Akriswearing a cut pixie polar blond. A successful and more masculine/feminine look. For formal evenings, she’s in the evening dress we’re used to seeing her in and her dress from Christian Dior to Armani and Akris, some of his favorite designers.

If we have to remember a beautiful dress, it is the one worn to meet Pope Francis in 2016. It is one of the eight women in the world (Letizia from Spain, Mathilde from Belgium, Maria Teresa from Luxembourg, Paola from Belgium, Sophie from Spain, Marina from Naples, Marie from Liechtenstein and Charlene from Monaco) must wear white in the presence of the pope, whose robes of this color were always preserved.

What are his favorite looks?

Every day, the princess likes to dress up skinny jeansleather jacket, woolen shoes or flat waders, turtlenecks or comfortable clothes like cocooning jogging. In summer, she likes flowing shirts, white denims, tanks and jackets.

What are Charlene of Monaco’s favorite songs?

It should be noted that the king is superior in terms of character. Among his favorite designers, we see the Swiss label Akris for its casual clothes with a refined and simple style, or. Armani. At official events, he is often seen in Ralph Lauren clothes, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Atelier Versace, Diane von Furstenberg or Gucci.

There is no doubt that the Princess of Monaco was a woman of her time. To imitate its style, we keep ourselves in beautiful red dresses, long dresses for the day and the most beautiful, almost Hollywood dresses for the evening. On the hair side, we choose a boyish haircut that has been revised to bring the perfect breath of modernity to our look.

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