The Five Devils by Léa Mysius: a film with fire and style

It is not normal, today in the cinema where the smell is left, thanks to the director Léa Mysius. At the time of the theatrical release of his film The Five Devils This August 31, we give you a positive and guaranteed review.

Movies that talk about perfumes often evoke perfumes, and it’s important to blame us for that, because the subject is never discussed in the cinema. Why do we have to deal with the only one of our five characters without his stellar career? Then it is necessary to think about the details, functions and difficulties of olfaction, to draw from it a source of history. Who on Earth wastes time talking about these things? After his short film A beautiful tomb attracted by the wall and his first film, Ava- who first worked with an idea, know – sign Léa Mysius with The Five Devils a rich and emotional film, where the sense of smell can understand the reason for their existence.

The heroine, Vicky, is not a perfume, but a little girl. However, he will do Christine Nagel, Dominique Ropion and other Mathilde Laurents with his ability to distinguish and see all the subtle nuances of the world around him. Realizing his gift, he recreates and collects the places and things he loves in jars that he keeps in a corner of his room. His favorite hobby? His mother, Joanne, played by Adèle Exarchopoulos, whom he loves very much and goes with everywhere.

Some may have been afraid of a film that recreated those listening to their noses as innocent human beings. If it’s a superpower for Vicky, it’s not just a sign of character. Léa Mysius creates a true story engine when Vicky’s life is disrupted by the return of Julia, her father’s sister, who has been missing for ten years. Trying to capture her aunt’s scent in her vases, as she usually does, Vicky is taken to her memories. Then the family and self-portrait become a real journey through time.

Odor control at The Five Devils different, because it will develop in the film. The essay begins by approaching the concept as a form of poetry. Vicky registers what she smells in the forest, and names the different olfactory features of her environment as a student of perfumer uncovers a raw material or composition. The scenes are fun for those who are interested in the subject, but the film goes one step too quickly by allowing the scents to transport its subjects to their past memories. If one of the most beautiful passages of French literature, through the madeleine, brings out the strong links between the nose and the memory, Léa Mysius transforms this theme into the cinema. For the director, the relationship between the power of the perfume and the style of the performance lies in their ability to involve the viewer in the reconstruction of something that has been forgotten. , which means something that has never been seen before. And in this amazing power, specific to both methods, the idea arises and takes us.

In creating his perfumes, Vicky – his name can play the first modern perfumer in modern perfumer. it’s jimmy by Guerlain – is physically designed in the memories of his mother, thus raising the question of his own life. Without her hyper-sensitivity, would Vicky have been born? These pots allow the little girl to channel her powers. By letting her aunt know about them, she is able to take him back in time, leading to a brief heartwarming scene involving Joanne, the mother, and Julia, the aunt.

If I want to explain how to keep the scents in it The Five Devils, it should be noted that it is a rich and valuable film that raises other questions. It connects the five senses to social, political and cinematic themes, in a neat, organized setting. In constant motion, the camera beautifully combines thoughts and feelings.

I don’t know if this work will speak to many people. It is a film that I almost capture with the (bad) qualities of a young person who loves fragrances, finding myself with each layer of its greatness, almost thinking that it was conceived just for me. Losing the experience I had with the perfumes that loved me and took me away, from night flight from Guerlain to In your hands of Frédéric Malle, through the Number 19 of Chanel and theBlue narcissus water of Hermes. Therefore, in his eternal satisfaction for the heart. The Five Devils sure to please all those who believe that fragrance is the way they live.

Main image: Copyright F Comme Film – Trois Brigands Productions; Source: Allocine

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