The Charente, the new territory of Hermès

It was revealed last June that the establishment of Hermès in Charente was established with the opening of a registration registration in the coming days (read below). The company’s new website can be used up to 250 people.

Trust the information

What about Montbron, a small Charente town of 2,200 inhabitants , has put himself in the design of Hermès? “It’s a craft with a tradition of making clothes and shoes, like shoes, jobs that have been lost over time,” explained Olivier Fournier, head of the handicrafts department. Hermès-Seller. “We will rely on this knowledge in Montbron, as we did in Nontron. Nontron, 300 jobs in the Dordogne, a typical example of development in the building, is only half an hour’s drive away from Montbron, which is not the least of its advantages: “Hermès is an important part of development. The nearness of Nontron encourages Montbron’s initiation. And Olivier Fournier says “in terms of ease of access” the LGV will soon arrive.

Supported by Charente Développement, a subsidiary of the Grand Council, Hermès looked at about ten business locations before choosing a ready-to-use building in Montbron, near Plantier, to share like an electromechanical assembly.

If the increase in the power of the Charente network “is a function of the evolution of the markets”, cautiously in front of the chief executive of the pole artistanal, it will accompany the construction of a new building. In any case, only Hermès will have a day 250 people in Montbron. Because the recording will be done according to the announcement of the “creators”, speaking mainly in Hermès, it is kept to pass. in a vocational training program with a CAP in leather goods at the Jean-Rostand Business School in Angoulême . “The first campaign will include about thirty artisans from January 2012. After the second at the beginning of the school year in September. » Before entering the workforce, one year of training is required. A specific specification is not required: “Teacher of philosophy, florist or cabinetmaker, the His profiles and ages are very different from those of our employees. »

About a “piece of skin”

The Montbron factory will initially be supplied with small leather goods: “Bags, card holders that require the amount of care and precision in work . We maintain the ability to make bags when the workers are trained,” said Olivier Fournier, himself from Angoulême and “very happy to carry out this project in Charente. »

The President of Charente Développement, General Counsel Philippe Bouty dreams of creating a “leather” worthy of the name behind Hermès: “Charente is a breeding ground and we are slaughterhouses. Now is the time to pull the piece up,” he wanted to believe.

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