25 years after his death, what remains of his legacy?

It was 25 years ago. On August 31, 1997, the United Kingdom woke up in mourning, shocked by the terrible news that went on the British channel: Diana Spencer, known as Lady Di, died in Paris, after an accident Bad driving in the tunnel from Ama. bridge The mother of princes Harry and William, who was accompanied by her lover Dodi Al Fayed, then ran away from the paparazzi who followed her from leaving the Ritz. Shock is universal.

Twenty-five years later, the “diamond” is gone but the queen’s memory is more alive than ever. No thanks to her sons, who will carry on her legacy by expressing their feelings for Harry, and by continuing their mother’s philanthropic commitment. Lady Di’s first legacy was to change the image projected by the British monarchy around the world. The love and wisdom of the queen always softened the face of the school, at a time when it was seen as cold and dissolute, unable to cope with the people’s feelings.

He abolished the distinction between the crown and the people

Lady Di has closed this gap, dug by years of silence and tradition. And, he was very quick, when he got to the Windsors. She married Prince Charles in 1981, aged just 20. He’s got 33, and he’s not quite the rock’n’roll king in the family. “She was younger than Charles and more in love,” said journalist Katia Alibert. Diana is a hereditary princess. At that time, Diana gave a breath of fresh air to the monarchy by moving away from morality and showing her true face: a young woman ready to do anything to live her life. historical fiction.

Diana’s desire to be accepted by her in-laws softened the Brits. Because Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip forced their son Charles into Diana’s arms, not because of his beautiful eyes, but because he, as their requirements, the ideal bride: Protestant, a royal blood and a virgin. The Windsors are aware of their interest in her, as Charles has had a romantic relationship since 1970 with a married woman, Camilla Parker Bowles. It was in this context that Diana arrived at the Windsors, full of emotions and now in the grip of some scandals. She knows that her husband, Charles, does not love her. He told her in front of millions of viewers, when announcing their engagement.

When the reporter asked the Prince of Wales and Diana if they were in love, the girl immediately replied: “Of course!”. Charles, for his part, replied: “It depends on what you mean by ‘love’. It’s open to interpretation.”

It changed the Windsors’ relationship with the media

Despite the birth of their two sons, William, in 1982, and Harry, in 1984, Charles and Diana were an unhappy couple. Diana suffered, as a woman rejected by her husband, less than others. Assassination attempts, betrayal of Prince Charles, bulimia, group surgeries…

In a shocking interview given to BBC journalist Martin Bashir in 1995, Lady Di recounted all her misfortunes. She was separated from Prince Charles for three years. “The People’s Princess”, with a sad smile, said there were “three people” at her wedding, referring to Charles’ relationship with his rival Camilla. An unprecedented media campaign in the history of the royal family, preferring to remain silent in all situations. These promises, especially strong for the Windsors, forced Elizabeth II to order Charles and Diana to divorce immediately.

Contrary to the phrase “Don’t complain, don’t explain” (“Don’t complain, don’t justify yourself”), wisely used by the queen, so Lady Di expressed her thoughts. Was he tricked by Martin Bashir into making those trusts? In 2021, an independent report rejected the expected trends. The “underhanded” methods used by journalist Martin Bashir to obtain this interview. Former Chief Justice John Dyson revealed that the interviewer falsified documents to obtain this interview. According to her brother Charles Spencer, Diana gave this interview because she believed that the royal family wanted her to suffer.

From this famous interview and after the death of their mother, blamed by the paparazzi, William and Harry hated the press. When the Duke of Sussex speaks, he chooses the journalists he wants to talk to, such as his friend Tom Bradby or the pope of American television Oprah Winfrey, close to his wife Meghan Markle.

Haunted by Lady Di’s death, Harry lives in fear that history will repeat itself. For this reason he decided to leave Buckingham to live in Los Angeles with Meghan. This separation from the public domain, which caused a real earthquake, came after a very trying year in 2019 for the former producer. In a document made during the couple’s trip to South Africa, in the fall of 2019, the young mother told Tom Bradby how difficult it was to live with his overmediatization and the constant pressure that accompanied it. with her since her marriage to Prince Harry.

A few days before the “Megxit”, the grandson of Elizabeth II condemned the “violent effort” against his wife and explained that he would start legal actions against some tabloids. “My biggest fear is history repeating itself. I know what happens when someone I love is scorned and uncared for and not seen as a real person. I lost my mother and I saw my wife falling. Killed by the same powerful forces,” he wrote in a statement.

He gave a human face to the monarchy

After announcing her grief, Lady Di used her audience to defend the reasons she holds dear. He used his voice and image to fight AIDS. “AIDS patients need to be embraced, like everyone else”: no one has forgotten this message that the princess gave at the National Aids Trust, an organization that is the godmother.

At that time, Diana’s intention was clear: to change the image of the disease, which is not clear. And, on April 9, 1987, his handshake with a man with AIDS went around the world. With Lady Di, royalty isn’t just a symbol, it’s a necessity. “Diana made people feel like they were independent and, with her engagements, she showed that royals can have a heart,” said Katia Alibert.

In addition to her fight against AIDS, Lady Diana participated in the events of organizations related to health, education and animal welfare. Her commitment against anti-personnel mines is celebrated in a photo: Diana, protected by bulletproof vest and a transparent helmet, walking through a minefield in Angola, a country at war since 1975 .to warn of the injuries caused by anti-personnel mines, even after the end of the conflict. “Even if the world decides tomorrow to ban these weapons, this terrible legacy will continue in the poor nations of the world,” he said.

Lady Di’s influence helped sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines (or Ottawa Treaty) on December 3, 1997 by 122 countries. 25 years later, his son Harry took over. He criticizes, despite the agreement, the slowness of my acceptance of some African countries.

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For their part, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton work for several organizations through the Royal Foundation, their philanthropic organization.

He became a cartoonist

An archetype of beauty, Diana’s style of clothing has become part of popular culture. She has become a biblical figure for all women and world leaders, from Michelle Obama to Letizia of Spain. In the early 1980s, before she married Charles, Diana was a normal person. He wears printed cardigans, pleated shirts or short Claudine collars.

After her wedding and her honeymoon Lady Di presented herself with new looks. The French designer Catherine Walker, based in London since 1977, helps her find the cuts that impress her and gives, through her clothes, a modern royal look.

Among the most important pieces of this era: the “Elvis” dress, the strapless dress decorated with blue and red roses, the one in red silk muslin used in Cannes last year 1987 and a sequined mermaid dress worn in May 1989. The Princess of Wales wore a long black dress on a trip to the United States where she danced with John Travolta.

In all, more than 1,000 of Lady Diana’s dresses were signed by Catherine Walker. After her separation from Charles in 1990, Diana chose a relaxed dress: the dresses were short, low-cut, and the princess wore them with beautiful jewelry, which return the pearl and diamond choker, her signature necklace.

Meanwhile, Diana began to wear pieces by foreign designers such as Valentino, Versace, Dior, Chanel and Christian Lacroix. So he became a symbol of time in the world. Among the traditional silhouettes worn by the Princess of Wales in the 1990s: a little black dress that showed off the shoulders and was paired with a light train and a large pearl necklace.

This work, signed by the Greek designer Christina Stambolian, is best known as the “punishment dress”. Diana wore it to a Vanity Fair party in June 1994, after Prince Charles declared infidelity.

25 years after their mother’s death, Princes Harry and William will be reflecting privately. According to Daily Telegraph, the two brothers decided to draw a line under their public memory. Harry revealed that he would be spending the day with family. “I hope every day to lift it up,” he said last week in the United States at a party for an association for AIDS patients. “I want it to be a day full of memories of his amazing work and love.” So no one forgets who Diana was…

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