How do dogs mark their territory?

In the wild, a wild dog’s territory can extend up to 30 kilometers. For our pigs, it depends on where they can find their most important properties: stable bedding, water, food, and their toys. Therefore, it is limited to living with one or more people, the garden, or the community where its habits are found. Find out in this article the different ways that dogs use to mark their territory among congeners.

Tourism is an ancestral form

Wolves are social animals, they live in organized groups, but do not mix with people from another group. Each bag has a well-defined territory. These habitats and hunting areas are unique areas. The jets of urine and excrement are the best way to patrol the borders of this area and to warn the peoples of other groups of borders not to be crossed.

From this wild species came the urine symbol of our animals, although today they no longer use it. Of course, domesticated by humans, dogs no longer defend a hunting ground for their lives.

A dog marks its territory with its urine

Urine stamp outside

A dog’s urine sign is more than an attempt to separate a country. When your dog raises his leg, it seems that he has left his tag or his identity card to warn his congeners about his journey. Her perfume says everything about her: gender, age, emotional state, availability or not for reproduction, health problems, etc. Better than an email!

It also helps him to find himself in space: the small drops of urine left behind are real signs. Dogs live in a world of smell that allows them to create personal maps and find themselves in time. The smell released by urinating indicates the state of the animal at that time. Therefore, if you are in danger or fear, it has become a warning sign: be careful, danger! Drawing with urine is like writing a kind of guest book.

This act, which means showing oneself, and advising someone to stand in a place and get that place, applies to mature and mature people. Although it is less often than men, women also show symptoms with their urine.

Raise the leg at home

If exploring its territory is normal and natural for dogs, and it should not bother you when lifting its paw in the park or on the street, it is different if this behavior continues in the home. To conclude, here are some ways to explore:

  • (re) describe a safe bed to comfort an animal that is signaling anxiety;
  • limit their space for walking around the house;
  • to ease conflicts with other families;
  • reward the dog when he marks in the right place and return him to this when he urinates in a restricted area;
  • clean the cat well so that it does not smell anymore, so that it does not want to cover the old pills;
  • plan sterilization in certain situations after consultation with experts in the canine world.

Urine sample size

Dogs begin to mark around puberty. If this behavior appears suddenly at some other time in the dog’s life and is a concern for you, do not confuse it with a simple urine symptom. A health or social problem, for example, depression or anxiety following a lifestyle change; or incontinence, urinary tract infection, or an aging-related disease. In this case, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian first. If the path of the disease is excluded, a good trainer can solve this problem by understanding why the dog behaves in this way, and how to help him get better.

Dogs leave scent trails when they scratch the dirt

As it digs and digs, the dog rubs the skin under its paws on the ground. This releases pheromones and the scents released act as landmarks. The word is given to his congeners and animals of other species to prevent them from running into his land. That’s why you see him scratching the ground with his hind legs after doing his job: he doesn’t try to cover them but adds his scent to this exact spot. .

The anal glands of canines are used to mark their territory.

About your dog later, and so he likes to kiss other people! The dog has anal sacs, or anal sacs, which are inserted under the epidermis in the area of ​​its anus. These spots are filled with a foul-smelling liquid that evaporates during molting, and if he rubs his back against the dirt. Have you seen any link work like this; move forward with his front legs while pulling the booty on the ground? Looks good, doesn’t it? This behavior, called “sled sign”, is sometimes associated with an animal affected by worms, but this is not the case: the person who does this without doubting his country, if not he suffers from anger.

The celebration is not over: the anal sacs are often found to be closed, in this case it is necessary to clean them. If you are sure that the engorgement is not related to a health problem, you can do it yourself; or, make an appointment with a veterinarian.

You know how a dog marks its territory, a natural behavior and we do not know the result: each dog covers the scents of the previous companions with a few drops of the urine, and covered by the following.

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