Favorite fragrances of the fall season

Want a new scent to go with your day? Fall for one of these top 5 perfumes sold on the Makeup website.

Like every year, back-to-school time rings in the hour of renewal!

In terms of clothing or beauty, we separate our products and choose only what makes us tremble. And if there’s one thing that draws us all in, it’s the smell. Whatever your olfactory preference, there’s a water to suit you.

To end the summer in style and start the fall on the best terms, here are our 5 favorite perfumes that are guaranteed to fall in love.

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Women’s perfumes

Some like herbs, spices or fruits, women’s perfumes come in different elixirs.

  • For those who love fragrances with style

Oriental and aromatic, aromatic Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, shows the strong character of the woman who wears it. At the top number? Coffee, while in the heart we find fake pepper, orange blossom, jasmine to complete the base notes that mix between cedar, patchouli and vanilla.

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Yves Saint Laurent, Black Opium, €38.12 instead of €41.48, 30ml Makeup.fr
  • For those who like new fragrances

Do you like soft spices? The little black dress is Eau Fraîche from Guerlain the smell is for you. This floral water is based around bergamot, lemon, orange blossom and tangerine. Aromatic aromas combine with the taste of almond and tonka bean.

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Guerlain, The Little Black Dress, Eau Fraîche, €30.43 for 50ml Makeup.fr
  • For those who love floral fragrances

Aromatic scent, Life is beautiful, Lancome a perfume that every woman has smelled in her life. Admirably, it can easily be used on different skins to release a unique composition composed around blackcurrant and pear, as well as iris and jasmine. A true journey for the senses.

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Lancôme, Life is beautiful, €35.95 for 30ml Makeup.fr

Men’s perfumes

For women, as for men, the scent a man gives off reveals important aspects of their personality. We don’t usually choose the fragrance we wear every day at random.

  • For those who like aromatic herbs

Bleu de Chanel perfume and wood is a fragrance of nature composed around citrus, peppermint, jasmine and vetiver, in top notes. Well, its base notes include sandalwood, escens, ginger and patchouli. Results? It’s an alluring water that will seduce you without hesitation.

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Chanel, Chanel Blue Makeup.fr

The man is Yves Saint Laurent It is the ultimate men’s perfume. Opened for the first time in 2006, it has seduced generations to appreciate its woody and floral aroma. His message manager? Bergamot, lemon and incense, while its heart and base notes turn to basil, white pepper and cedar.

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Yves Saint Laurent, Men, €37.52 instead of €33.24 for 30ml Makeup.fr
  • For those who like spicy things

Are you a perfumer with a sense of style? Choose the spice Azzaro is wanted. A clever combination of lemon, ginger, mint, Guatemalan cardamom and amber, this charismatic drink is sure to seduce.

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Azzaro, Wantedu, €32.27 instead of €33.24 for 30ml Makeup.fr

So what scent should you drop to start the new school year?

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