4 new ways to use eyeliner

Bright, colorful, graphic… there is nothing better than this kind of visual to inspire attention. This season, on the catwalks and on the street, the eyeliner has been renewed in the entire line. We tell you how to search without any problems.

Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa appeared at Balenciaga’s haute couture show with eyeliner-rimmed eyes. Three different generations of brave women represent the cat face It can also be interesting. “It’s a way to bring style and charisma to the face. It is a real way of expression, deciphers professional make-up artist Marieke Thibaut, landscape artist for MAC Cosmetics. The line of the eyeliner enhances the look and brings more beauty than a normal make-up. It gives confidence and a hyper-assertive side. “

In the video, how to make your doe face perfect?

Fixed in Giambattista Valli haute couture, XXL version in Roberto Cavalli, linear in Courrèges, colored in Giorgio Armani and Valentino… On the Fashion Week catwalks, the traditional line of eyeliner has been replaced with a pin-up style comma with the next thing. and daring looks. “It’s a middle age,” said the expert. You need to change the shape of your face, even if you have a lower eyelid.” It’s not a drama if it can’t be set. The main thing is that the line is set properly, it doesn’t slide. down, and maintain a fresh and natural skin in recovery. On social networks, there is no shortage of video tutorials. There are teachers for the beginning of the school year.

Reverse eyeliner

Much appreciated by celebrities (such as Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, Zendaya…), it encourages attention by emphasizing rather than showing. “Unlike the usual cat eye, we start the coma from the lower eyelid, explains Fanny Maurer, make-up artist KVD Beauty. I recommend applying a sweet pencil on the eyelids, mixing a little with a brush. Put a black mirror on it to align the pencil. Finally, draw the comma with a felt liner to point the line if necessary. “The detail about the grade? Extend the end of the line to the inner corner of the eyes: “Just follow the shape of his face by tilting his head to extend it downward. »

Signature eyeliner pen, Chanel; Eyeliner Idole Liner, Lancôme.

The makeup trends of 2022

The double line

For some seasons, it is divided on the outer side of the face as sixty. “It’s really easy to recreate,” says makeup artist Fanny Maurer. Just draw a regular comma with a pencil or liner pen, then make a second one right above the first one, parallel to it. To emphasize the retro side and increase the look at the same time, you can drop a small white line between the two lines, like the Dior show this summer.

L’Obscur Ink Liner Defining Pen, Gucci.

Half a banana

This look from the 1960s can be scary, but makeup lovers are using it again with beauty on social media. The right way? “Start by drawing a regular comma on the outer corner of the eye, this will serve as a guide. Starting from the end of this area, draw a curved line on the other side, slightly back 1.5 cm on the palpebral fold”, explains Carole Colombani, make-up artist, saying to “stay well above the hole as far as you can. see the plan with your eyes open”.

More Color Gel Eyeliner Pencil Review, MAC Cosmetics.

colored eyeliner

Fluorescent red at Valentino, two-tone and embellished with rhinestones at Giorgio Armani, pink at Off White, silver at Coach…, it comes in all colors this season. “The best thing for this fall is to choose between shades of blue or green, suggests makeup artist Fanny Maurer, and against popular opinion, even if eyes of the same color, it’s very beautiful. To start slowly, says Sandrine Cano Bock, Chanel make-up artist, “dark, moss green, dark red. They don’t really create an elongated effect on the eyes, but it serves as a make-up “helper”, it’s fun! »

Eyeliner Tattoo Pencil Liner Azurite blue, KVD Beautiful.


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