Musiques-les-Bains: The Basque coast

  • more than places of preservation, these cities are political, cultural and international centers, places where kings, heirs, writers, poets, poets, poets meet. ..


In the 17th century, whales were hunted Biarritz : A watchman posted on the ridge of Atalaye watched the sky when the cetacean was seen, the men boarded the whaling boats that stopped at the old port. The last cetacean was taken in 1686, with the disappearance of this great resource, sailors embarked on private ships, or for fishing in Ireland and Newfoundland.
From 1784, bathing in Biarritz became popular and Napoleon bathed there in 1808, Victor Hugo discovered the place in 1843, Napoleon III built a palace for the Empress Eugénie , and after staying there for two months in 1854, he decided to make it his guest house. . All the crown princes of Europe to follow and conquer the city became “the queen of beaches and the beach of kings“.
Count Gaëtan de La Rochefoucauld settled in Biarritz in 1873 and hosted many dignitaries of his time at his property, including Queen Victoria in 1889 and Princess Youriewski in 1893. Biarritz preserves some memories of the life of the Russian aristocracy before the Revolution. Orthodox church.
Since the time of the Mediterranean, the visitors have left their mark by building mansions, castles and style villas, neo-Basque (villa Lou Bascou), neo-Norman (villa Victoria ), Belle Époque (hotel Bellevue), Art Deco (beach). museum and Hôtel Plazza), or medieval pastiche (Villa Émilia, designed by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc), Renaissance (Château Boulart) and late Renaissance or Louis XIV style (Hôtel du Palais). However in Port-des-Pêcheurs there is one crampons: Small and white houses, with colored shutters, used to store traps, buoys and fishing nets, and moving away from the shore, we see the nature urban tradition of the labordine house: white walls and wood panels often painted black. red, but in green, gray or blue,
Queen Nathalie of Serbia laid the foundation stone of hot salt water bath which was started in June 1893. Water with a salt ten times higher than sea water is brought from the salt of Briscous by underground pipes of more than twenty km. These factories have been closed since 1953 and were dismantled in 1968.
The supermarket Biarritz is happy (still working), whose majority of its employees speak English is a temple of beauty and style, opened in 1894, when Coco Chanel opened her store 3 in 1915.
In 1940, during the Second World War, the Germans dug an Atlantic wall on the cliffs of Biarritz and in March 1944, the city was bombed by Allied planes on their way to destroy Parma airport, the German DCA shot down a plane during a flight. first flight
In 1956, American photographer Peter Viertel, traveling in Biarritz, used a surfboard sent to him from California. Hey! Jo Moraïtz created in 1959 the Waikiki, the The Biarritz Surf Club; In 1960, the first world championship in the Main Beach and the first edition of the French championships, whose winner was Joël de Rosnay. Jo Moraiz and Jacky Rott took part in the World Surfing Championship in the United States in 1962 and saw their Biarritz spots recognized by American competitors, even from 1963 Biarritz shone in the international surfing world.

Music :

Luis Mariano/Francis Lopez : In the Basque Country

Emile Waldteufel : Rose and Daisy
Set F
Dominique My (driver)
Jade 198478-2

Ravel : Trio in A m, first movement
Itzak Perlmann (violin)
Lynn Harrell (cello)
Vladimir Ashkenazy (piano)
German Grammophon 4794814

Andre Dassary: Kick to work
André Dassary
Django Reinhardt
Coleman Hawkins & all his stars
Alix Combelle and her Swing band
capital account 5839932

Silvius Leopold Weiss : Suite on FM “The famous corsair” for lute: III. This time
Pierre Gross (lute)
Ingeborg Emge (harp)
Gallo CD-1045

text by Victor Hugo read by Serge Barbuscia

Maurice Journeau : Ocean op 23
Francois Goic (violin)
Cathy Cousin (piano)
Scarbo DSK 4151

Juan Cabanilles (JC Kerll): Imperial War
Hesperion XXI
Jordi Savall (director)
Alia Vox AV 9801

John Rigatti : Mass for the birth of Louis XIV op 4
Galilei Consort
Benjamin Chenier (director)
Alpha 117014

Steven Sondheim : The Stavisky case, BO. “Biarritz Airport”
By: Alain Resnais
Jacques Mercier (director)
CAM 74321 10864 2

Weber: three in G op 63 for flute, cello and piano. Allegro moderato
Jaime Martin
Christopher Marks (cello)
Susan Tomes (piano)
Hyperion HYPE CDA 67464

Milt Buckner & Joe Jones : Swingin’ In Biarritz
Milt Buckner (Hammond Organ)
Joe Jones (drums)
Jazz Odyssey JOCD 01

Pierne : Rauntcho Suite n°1, Opening. The violent music from the play by Pierre Loti
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
Juanjo Mena (director)
Chandos CHAN10633

Philip Sardis : Hotel of AmericaBO.
Directed by: André Techiné (1981)
London Symphony Orchestra
Peter Knight (director)
Great Music 982 461-9

Mikel Laboa : Txoria txori
Written by Joxean Artze
Elkarlanean KD-HG-85/87

Raven: The Bolero
Lamoureux Concert Orchestra
Maurice Ravel (conductor)
Pearl GEMM CD 9927. 1930



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