History of cowboy boots, modern cowboys

2. From the cowboy to the cowgirl: a unisex shoe

With the rise of cowboy boots on the big screen since the beginning of the 20would be century, Female figures in fashion, music and movies are slowly beginning to reclaim this symbol of American culture. In 1961, in By Misfits by John Huston, Marilyn Monroe evokes emotion in a white shirt, high-waisted belt, and beige ankle boots. His character Roslyn Taber changes the traditional dress of the vaqueros and reverses the virility that is included in this dress, in a beautiful and authentic look that is appreciated by all of America. In 1966, singer Nancy Sinatra sang wrong Shoes are made for walking, And that’s all they do, One of these days these shoes are going to walk on you.” (“These shoes are made for walking, and that’s what they do, one day these shoes will wear on you”), promoting the shoe to the status of a symbol of freedom and independence.

In 1979, in the heart of Manhattan, the Pop artist Andy Warhol and the American actress Margaux Hemingway – the granddaughter of the writer Ernest Hemingway – took to the streets of Manhattan in clothes cattle and shoes. during a parade to celebrate the opening of Polo Western and Ralph Lauren Western stores. The ground floor of the Bloomingdale’s department store in New York was transformed for the event into a Wild West ranch and cowboy boots took pride of place. Since his childhood from the story of the conquest of the West, he went to find inspiration in Dallas and Denver, the American designer Ralph Lauren established the culture of his country as a endless source of inspiration. At the dawn of the 80s, he presented a raw and honest style as eccentric and flamboyant that marked the decade. Nine years after his first collection “Western”, he is the one who promoted cowboy boots to the status of fashion accessories, giving them a choice in his exhibitions. But the difference in his approach is above all the confirmation of the unisex style of the shoe, with silhouettes that are combined, for example, long flowing clothes with cowboy boots.

At the dawn of the 2000s, we are seeing a resurgence of western footwear. Cowboy hat, denim mini-skirt and cowboy boots, the cowboy girl of the 2000s is sexy and creative. Like pop superstar Madonna, who strutted in a printed low-waist and black cowboy boots with silver tips, in her pop image with country accents. don’t tell me (2001), directed by the famous French director and photographer Jean-Baptise Mondino. In the 2000s, cowboy boots and pop culture went hand in hand. From the feet of American country pop singer Dolly Parton to American country singer Taylor Swift, the cowboy boot has been around for ages. Y2K style cowboy boots and jeans for Rihanna and Britney Spears, or an authentic version for Texas soul diva Beyoncé: the cowboy trend of the 2000s continues.

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