Chanel’s 2.55, the story of a legendary bag

On February 2, 1955, Gabrielle Chanel is 72 years old. The tweed dress, the little black dress, the Chanel N°5… All of these things have already started. “In the 1950s, […] he refuses to submit to the dictates of an idea he rejects, rediscovers the fighting spirit of his beginnings and again opposes the strict form,” he wrote. Miren Arzalluz inside sample presentation. This old age marks the arrival of his counterpart, eternal and eternal. The 2.55, whose name refers to its date of manufacture. The item in a quilted pattern features overstitched diamonds, combined with a “mademoiselle” turnstile knob and a signature chain in rows of flat links. These come in jersey, silk velvet and sheepskin. Today, this icon, approved by Jackie Kennedy a Elizabeth Taylorit is the most copied object in the world, and its original source is pure gold.

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“Tired of holding my bags in my hand and getting lost, I put a strap and carried it over my shoulder,” said Coco Chanel, quoted by. Paul Morand inside The beauty of Chanel. Two words appear: comfort and function. The interior of the 2.55 is designed to simplify the life of women thanks to different parts, one of which is dedicated to the lipstick. Among other things, it was a revolution for people who, until now, walked around with their hands covered. Its chain is combined with a leather ribbon, it does not have the sound of metal, and everything is carried by hand, on the arm or on the shoulder.

Gabrielle Chanel with a bag 1960. Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

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Corruption 2.55

Fifteen years ago, the price was shown at 2.55 in the amount of 1500 euros. Last year, Chanel stores showed a price of 7300 euros. Today, it is at 8990 euros, an increase of 2000 euros in a year. In general, the house emphasizes the rarity of its property. The world remember that “Chanel said to work only in France”. Bags have been designed in their 25,000 square meter factory in Verneuil-en-Halatte, Oise, since 1990.

Today, it is better to buy second hand. The bag can be found for less than 5000 euros, depending on the model. Old, patent, metallic and black leather – for the classic – or light blue, white and red, the 2.55 will never run out of steam.

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