The Importance of Perfume –

The smell is the first thing that catches a person’s eye. It should be decorated and well designed in order to make a good impression and the product will stand out from the competition.

On its own, it can make or break a sale and help create a sense of elegance and sophistication. Perfume designers should also remember that the goal is to create a beautiful and inspired design that perfectly reflects the fragrance inside.

Today, some customers buy a perfume for its packaging. Therefore, manufacturers do not hesitate to introduce new versions of a product or new collections to please this customer.

More important than the perfume itself?

The bag? It is the packaging of the product, its packaging. Sometimes it is necessary to protect the product, or not at all, it is important when you decide to buy a product and a perfume. More than that, instead of choosing a spice for its smell, we choose it for its smell.

Is the box male?

We can answer in the affirmative. Walk into a perfume store, and you’ll definitely know which way to go in the men’s or women’s departments. The first impression we have on the product, the print affects the image we have of the brand and the product. Therefore, for men’s products, there are more men and women. With dark colors or bling-bling depending on the desired image, the box can change the choice of a perfume.

So, printing is important here. Sometimes we can show how good the perfume is, we end up buying it because the box is too original or suits our taste.

The smell is not enough

22-year-old Sébastien said: “One day, I didn’t buy a perfume because it wasn’t good for me. . I prefer to choose a perfume whose fragrance suits my lifestyle and mood.

On the other hand, Laure revealed: “I chose the Kenzo perfume because of its bag. I did not smell the perfume when I bought it. It seems that the bag is influencing the choice a lot. of perfumers. Perfume is not enough, whether for personal purchase or as a gift.

The choice of colors

According to some experts, the chosen color is also important because it gives a message to customers: orange for strength and power, black for beauty, gold for glamor or money for power. Businesses are increasing their efforts to better compete with the target market. And when the end of the year holidays come, it’s perfect for gifts, then they make small books or collectible boxes to rekindle the customer’s interest. As a result, it was no surprise when Paco Rabanne created a 9-kilo gold bag for the anniversary of its one millionth fragrance. After all, nothing is too beautiful to bring it down!

The form and contents of the press

The design of the bag is designed to attract the customer. The designer will create an original and attractive design that will make the customers want to buy the product, while maintaining a reasonable place. For things, they are chosen to attract attention (Paco Rabanne and his bag of gold). Some use new tools to give a proper image to their company.

The brand and logo of the perfume

Brand and logo are important. The more they are known, the more customers will buy the product. And these brands are often the ones who make small prints or collectible boxes to pique the customer’s interest.

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