Should you choose a dress or a dress?

While we’re feeling the smell of honey tickling our nostrils and sun-kissed skin, it’s time to think about school. Well, it’s not the happiest time of the year, but it’s one of the most popular. Yes, we should see the beginning of the school year as a new element of our wardrobe where we can try new styles, wear new pieces or change our our clothes. But not everyone can dress as they like in the office, we know. In critical areas, clothing or tailoring is often required. So can we succeed in placing our work force in La Défense or the city of London? Which is better to choose between a suit and a jacket? We bring you a selection of the trendiest options to use to boost your aura as a business woman.

The wardrobe: yes, madam!

It is certainly the best solution that can be given to us. An icon of the working woman’s wardrobe, the wardrobe is seen as a savior for women in the world of work. A marker of freedom and power, it’s a true classic dress with a timeless style. But the wardrobe has been seen, reviewed and re-reviewed hundreds of times over the years and designers. This jacket and pants offer endless possibilities whether it’s vintage, minimalist or girly. The coat appears in the design weeks as the most symbolic and imaginative pieces on the catwalks. At Ambush, we love the dark and inspired by the 90s, while at Schiaparelli, the wardrobe takes on the atmosphere of retro artwork. Balenciaga likes to favor oversize for a stylish wardrobe.

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Clothing: a touch of retro

The t-shirt is definitely making a comeback. Although it is often considered old-fashioned or sexist, it reinvents itself in 2022 in a completely different way. And that’s what we want. Japanese clothing is there and offers contemporary looks. We love the oversized blazer that we pair with a canonical pleated skirt. Other houses, like Chanel, want to keep the old school image of the dress. After all, nature is a constant source of inspiration to us all the time. The brand with a double C is thinking about the dress in tweed, which is compared with wool dresses and ballerina flats with toes. But if you want a sexier version, you can go to Versace. The Italian label takes this classic ensemble wild: tennis stripes, a sky-blue bustier corset and high-top vinyl boots. Cannon!

Versace F22 007

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