Designer Lauren Rodriguez married Vivienne Westwood (and Chanel) in New York

Lauren Rodriguez a Chase Hall company in the spring of 2014. The founder, designer and designer of the brand LORIDA throwing a party in his house, in the house where he lived Turn around, a famous artist whose works have been in the Whitney and the Hammer Museum. Since that night, they have been inseparable.

After spending many years as a couple, Turn around choose to ask Lauren at the wedding in the hotel, the Carlyle on the Upper East Side, under the kind watch of their Great Dane, Paisley. Having been together for many years, they both knew they wanted to get married soon after getting married. For them, New York is nothing. After considering the best location, Lauren a Turn around The last to stand in the place for them is the most important and the closest thing to the city and their life: their house is located “on a small diagonal street, the only one that points east-west in New York,” explained Lauren. “We couldn’t think of a better setting to get married: this is where we met almost eight years ago!”

Wedding dresses for Lauren Rodriguez and Chase Hall

For the ceremony, the bride decided to wear a wine dress Vivienne Westwood with heels Manolo Blahnik blue-gray, combined with the old screen, made of Bill Bull. “I always knew this was the dress I wanted to wear Lauren. “A friend of mine first saw him in London, in a shop.

The dress is decorated with earrings Prounis in emeralds and pearls, and a cameo brooch inherited from her family and placed under the corset. The male also wears a tailored suit Loro Piana Martin Greenfield double breast, decorated with a small brooch Prounis emerald, such as emerald cufflinks, and shirt charvet cotton piqué and black shoes Bode in the form of papers.

Rainy wedding, happy marriage

The black-clad pilgrims gathered on the street to attend court on the porch of the house. They will be tasting champagne and caviar to the jazz player’s trombone Dick Griffin ring and announce the arrival of the bride. Residents and students of New York University gathered around the fire and poked their heads out the window to admire it. Lauren cross the street, changed to a crosswalk that day. He went to his porch, which was decorated with long stems of calla lilies. Turn around waiting for him. Here is their longtime friend, Dr. Kenzo Bergeronmarry them.

“It’s so nice to be on that front porch where we go every morning, with all the people we love, in front of a sea of ​​umbrellas, today it’s New York.”


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