Songs from the ONMT campaign: Morocco, land of light

The Moroccan National Tourist Office promotes “Morocco, land of light”. A colorful advertisement to encourage tourists from all over the world to discover the country. The song of the house is the title of the duo Tambour Battant called “To the Rhythm”.

ONMT campaign: Morocco, land of light

After a quiet period in the tourism industry due to the The COVID-19 pandemic, the roads of heaven open again. It’s the perfect time to discover new places. In this scenario, theMoroccan National Tourism Office break the codes of tourism by publishing a new ad. A conversation aimed at reaching a new target, young people, in search of different experiences to live and want to live amazing events. Morocco, at the foot of the Atlas is a rich destination. Culture, tradition, architecture, landscape, gastronomy, history, wonder and all the little things that make living abroad unforgettable.

There are a thousand and one reasons to do it travel to morocco. Therefore, to honor this land of escape for thinking and improving meetings, the ONMT has given its approach to the BETC group. The resulting film is an ode to diversity, modernity, yet deeply rooted in culture. All that makes Morocco a kaleidoscope of crazy ideas to see.

Advertisement Morocco, bright country

The announcement “Morocco, the land of light” starting with a beautiful sunrise over the Atlas Mountains. Then we had a clear view of the Kasbah of Taourirt in Ouarzazate, then the desert as far as the eye could see. Between tradition and modernity, the characteristics of Morocco are presented through advertising. Night lights in the Sahara, solar panels, the medina and its souks. Outdoor activities, hanging Berber mats, typical moucharabieh features. Morocco is also green lands, different ethnicities, spices, perfumes, art, crafts, everything that shows the light of this country of the Sahel.

What is the music of Morocco, the country of light advertising?

Go with his travel photo “Morocco, the land of light”, the Moroccan National Tourist Office has chosen the music full of music. This is the song of the electro duo Hard Drive title “To the Rhythm”. The title is taken from the album “Great” released on 2019.

Hard Drive an electro music group composed of two members: Ben Stokeswith Chixx. Both artists are of French nationality contrary to what their pseudonyms might suggest. The Frenchy duo is known for their compositions that combine styles and instruments without being too restrictive. Therefore, they create their own reputation and credibility. Tambour Battant plays different shows from rock to hip-hop, house or electro.

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