Renting a room, says Nicolas Dupeux.

Arrived in 2018 at the head of the Accor Arena after a long time of doing events, namely at Disneyland, Nicolas Dupeux, 42, wants to revive the legendary building of Bercy. He had to start a second Arena, the Porte de la Chapelle. He manages about a hundred employees… except for games or concert evenings when more than 2,000 people are held in the hall, which has been converted into a large cattle house .

Is 2022 the year of rebirth after two years of health problems?

Nicholas Dupeux: In 2020, including booking, we hosted less than 10 events compared to 130 per year before. And our turnover went from 45 million euros to just 8 million. But this year isn’t about rebooting, it’s also about change.

Is that the word? How to change a concert hall?

We want to grow from a place of hospitality to a place of life. Make sure it works regularly and not just during a concert or sporting event. We want the public to want to go first, leave behind and walk out of the events.

How do you plan to do it?

By offering other activities around the room, according to our DNA: sports and music. For example, we have created a “food”, with restaurants, a bar around the statue of Johnny and we are opening a second room in November, the Phantom, which will be able to host Conferences during the day and after parties. -report. in the evening. With 1,500 square meters and a capacity of 3,500 people, it is the largest entertainment venue in Paris. The idea is to have a music program based on the proposed concert at the main hall, which will make the public want to extend the party while staying in the same atmosphere.


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And no concerts or plays?

Our recycling center is used every day, all year round. We will also try to open the Arena to the outside, with an open movie theater and a softball field in front. By caricaturing, we can imagine a typical day: come to work at 9 in the morning, eat lunch at the food court, drink at the bar at 6 p.m., go to a concert at 8 o’clock and party at 11 o’clock!

What do you think all this means?

We expect about 30% attendance. Currently, we welcome 1.2 million people a year, there, we count 300,000 more people.

Are these innovations important from an economic perspective?

Our conversion is as follows: 40% for room and rental, 20% for concessions, parking, trade and 40% for B 2 B. B 2 B is are boxes, rented by companies and all business events, conferences and festivals. We have reception rooms that can accommodate up to 400 people, we can separate the bar, the restaurant and the Phantom.

In the beginning, of course, our job was to rent rooms and cater to the public. But today we can do more. We sell 40 to 45% of our tickets directly. Therefore, we have a large database of highly qualified customers. And we can really improve by thinking about relationships with brands.

What are the types of groups?

For example, we’ve considered a first-party manufacturer with a car manufacturer. It’s up to the employers to find out who has a car sales program. So we ask our customers if they have a car sales program. If so, at the time of the concert they booked, they will receive an SMS that will allow them to skip the line at the entrance and use this saved time to try a new type of car. . If they agree, they will be expanded, with a place in the box. Everyone wins.

Another example: for the launch of a new perfume, samples are given in the evening of a concert, even if the artist is the face of a brand, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ And the next day, we send by email a discount offer on perfume, at Sephora for example.

Does it really work?

Yes, because when you come to a concert, it’s a good time, more open, more accessible. Then, because the place is often sold months in advance, the expense is eliminated and one is released from the financial crisis.


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You will soon take over the management of a second Arena, Porte de la Chapelle, in Paris, built for the 2024 Olympics. Will it become a “little Bercy”?

No, the Arena Chapelle has its own identity. A room with 9,000 seats, but with, again, a place of life that includes food stores, pop-up stores, an open space, terraces. half song. We are also looking for about fifty people.

You also took the Bataclan, but didn’t talk much about this take, why?

The first is because of what happened in November, a painful day, and because we want to postpone the trial. We have many plans for this office, which is also legendary. We are currently working on its reconfiguration and configuration. Announcements are scheduled for January 2023!

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