An Aveyronnaise recipe: yogurt with sheep’s milk, honey and wild oregano

A simple and delicious dish, a marriage of Arvieu yogurt and Rignac honey, sprinkled with oregano for breakfast.

red morning. The pearls of snow on the wall, from the leaves of the sumac and the flowers of thyme hiding between the stones. Rainy night, the day before, lightning, thunder, in Place de Bezonnes. Those summer nights challenge the strong, with tremors, tears and shaking walls. The house is in chaos, with all its stones. In the disaster of the house, the happiness of the gardener, while the works of the restaurant are finished these days, almost ready like us, in the morning of August, to open the doors wide. Because early in the morning we were already on board, just like months ago, when we were still sailing out of the Baltic coast, going south -back, the coffee was boiling on the bow of the boat, at first light. the end of the storm. Life expectancy.

Fire walls and clear water sky

This morning, there was more mist in the returning wind, filled with sweat by the gardener, who was covered under the porch leading to the lawn. The tide changed the Causse Comtal. The stone, multicolored, while in the cellars, the towers, like only the roots, fell, on the surface, from the church to the well, dressed in mosses, lichens. And as a tree, the old thatched house, that is, our efforts were strengthened from the spring – a boat in a few months became a corsair symbol, a turret dug into the steep wind. Japanese. So, in the east, so, to the walls on fire and the sky of clear water, we set the breakfast table outside, to share with the teams at work, a passion and a sailor old: on toast or spring, where. The lump of sheep’s milk, licked with a generous drizzle of honey, filled with wild oregano flowers, which is lightning, picked the day before, not an hour before the storm.

Ode to oil, oil and flavor

Farm yoghurt, by Emmanuel Valayé and Simon Mesmin, Gaec Bêle & Bio, in Beauregard, commune of Arvieu; the fourth generation plows the family farm, located seven hundred meters above sea level on the banks of the great lakes of Lévézou. Ode to cream, rich and pulpy, to farm milk, rich and opulent, under its acid profile, its buttery nose. That’s all it takes. Full of joy.

Mountain scent, unctuous, ample

Summer honey, by Noëlle and Olivier Derambure, collecting beekeepers, near Rignac for ten years now, independent of clusters and wax; of domestic bees, in a closed apiary, for one harvest per year. Slow, always, slow. Mountain aroma, unctuous, ample, fine and muscular mouth, return of cedar, of marc wet under the barrel, and this twist of the herbarium of the valleys of Aveyron. It’s magic.
Finally, the light drizzle: oregano – “a few leaves in the diet of the chosen one of his heart”, remembers Viviane Carlier in her herbal medicine, at the feet of the plant in Antiquity. Camphor, nutmeg, dill, almost eucalyptus, a hint of fennel flower.

It is up to everyone to water the land with their own spring

Hands on our dishes to warm them, the sun did not sit at the table with us; one with coffee, the other with tea; Alex, only eleven years old, Alex, eleven years old, dressed quickly, his hair was messy, everyone was laughing at life; Nour, thankfully, is still under her quilts and in our hands, fortunately, an ear to the first language of the community – from tits to starlings, from blackbirds to swifts.
In the center, several large pots and a set of spatulas. Everyone should do it. To dose, cleverly, the landscape with its spoonful. And appreciate the sharing time, hearing the memories of the farm, of the yogurt, of the honey, of the harvest, of the companions from this beginning of the day.
She, her Savoyard grandmother. It was his childhood at sea. All of them, our bridge, our childhood dream, our grand palace.
Good day, thank you.

Alix and Antonin

With Indian and Catalan roots, native Aveyron by adoption, Alix Pons Bellegarde is a head researcher. Together with the anthropologist Antonin Pons Braley and their children, they traveled the world to record the food cultures of the island and the northern regions. Today in Aveyron, the couple launched their brand “Famille Pons Bellegarde” in 2021 and are preparing to open next August in Bezonnes, near Rodez, their gastronomic table, their gourmet bookstore and with their seasonal stalls. in addition to publishing its Journal 42, a bimonthly paper dedicated to the alimentarium with a culinary radius of forty-two kilometers around Rodez. The duo offers a weekly diary of Aveyron food and exploration to Center Presse readers.

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