The best perfumes for summer 2022

In recent years, we see them blooming everywhere. They are the best summer fragrances for men. If they are called “fresh water” or “summer water” or the word “summer”, They offer brands that offer fragrances that are more comfortable to wear in the summer. In theory, though.

But why make different spices for summer? What are the characteristics of this eaux de toilette? And finally, what are the best perfumes to wear in summer this year? We’re telling you all about decorating yourself with more style when the temperature rises.

Marketing or practicality: should you wear a different perfume in the summer?

Choosing your perfume isn’t always easy! Lifestyle, style of clothing, personal taste: finding the right scent is sometimes difficult. But now it has become very difficult, with the appearance of popular summer waters.

Of course, this is nothing new and all brands are participating! We see them growing like mushrooms on the shelves of spices from the spring. But what are the real uses of these summer scents? Isn’t this just another advertising ploy for perfumers to sell their products?

Citrus fruits and fresh notes live forever!

Fragrance is a true elixir of seduction. Sweet, woody, amber, warm, with notes of musk, sandalwood or vanilla, women love their man’s skin! But with the heat of the season, beware of the perfume that turns with sweat. The warm notes of your “burnt” perfume are better than the sick…

Summer fragrances, while maintaining floral and sensual notes, are fresher, more energetic… and less heady.. They give themselves more sunny days than heavier and more heady scents… and your lover won’t say no!

The preferred notes for a fresh and pleasant summer water to wear in the heat waves are citrus, mandarin, grapefruit, vetiver, water cucumber, or yuzu… These ingredients are found in summer eau de toilette, unlike eau de parfum and other “Intense” brands that brands use to open during winter..

Alcohol is bad for the skin

Also, you know that Alcohol is one of the main ingredients that make up perfume. And alcohol and sun don’t mix. Under the influence of the sun’s rays, your scent, a temptation, becomes a real… weapon to attack your skin. Problems: from a simple black to a fever!

This is one of the other advantages of summer perfumes: one can have no alcohol and therefore reduce the effect of photosensitization and allergic reaction when you see the sun.

The fragrances of summer 2022 will appear in the men’s room

Every year, we see that the most famous men’s perfumes are always responsible (or almost) for the summer trend: Le Male by Gaultier, CK One by Calvin Klein, HUGO Man and Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss or l iconic L.12.12 from Lacoste… But you will know that they are not the only ones who play the new card for sunny days.

CK One Summer Daze by Calvin Klein

Check out this fragrance at Sephora | Nocibe | Marionnaud

Calvin Klein’s iconic unisex perfume is a classic of style, a scent that likes to adorn itself with classic summer colors (and fragrances). This is the case in 2022, with this CK One Summer Daze that boasts citrus fruits… but not only! The kumquat opens the ball before the contrast brought by the mint iced tea, the path is extended by the combination of musk and vetiver.

Terre d’Hermès ice water

Terre d'Hermès Eau Givrée Men's Perfume

Check out this fragrance at Sephora | Nocibe | Marionnaud

Citron, juniper and timut pepper: this is the winning trio of this new and powerful version of the Hermès bestseller. In addition, this summer scent evokes different emotions, the brand does not hesitate to evoke the “temperature of ice” to show its ice water. We can see it as a way to embody man with many qualities, strong and difficult, virile and simple…

Says Cartier Haute Fraîcheur

The fragrance for men is Cartier Show Haute Fraiceur

Check out this fragrance at Sephora | Nocibe | Marionnaud

If it’s a summer fragrance, this Cartier eau de toilette is the epitome of “new spring”. Now is the time The cedar is full of sap, the spices are fresher, the citrus leaves are greener and softer.

This results in a presentation that is more fresh and herbal than before, where the red bag provides a strong contrast with the bottle wrapped in green with reds and the grays. Not as strong as the original perfume, this Haute Fraîcheur is still beautiful.

HUGO Man Reflective by Hugo Boss

HUGO Reflective Men's Summer Fragrance

Check out this fragrance at Sephora | Nocibe | Marionnaud

Whether it’s summer or other seasons, there are many variations of Hugo Boss’s eau de toilette (like Boss Bottled).

In this year 2022, the German brand has chosen to revisit its fragrance “show the beauty and power of your nature, and inspire everyone to redefine the world”. It’s a complete program. More specifically, citrus fruits combine with eucalyptus and mint for a fresh bite, before notes of violet leaves, cypress, vetiver and amber. Not really, but really cool to wear in the summer.

Eau d’Issey Summer Edition by Issey Miyake

Perfume for men L'eau d'Issey Summer Edition

Find this fragrance at Notino | Nocibe | Marionnaud

For the new summer edition of his men’s perfume, Issey Miyake called upon not one but three perfumers, inviting them to share their best summer memories. Dora Baghriche, Daphné Bugey and Marie Salamagne take us to Algiers, Italy and Portugal with notes of pine, jasmine, lemon, aromatic herbs (basil, eucalyptus), cedar and cypress.

Everything is illustrated by a young French artist, Kevin Lucbert, who revisited the bag and bottle of Eau d’Issey in a musical and colorful way.

L.12.12 White Eau Fraîche by Lacoste

Men's Eau Fraiche Lacoste L1212

Check out this fragrance at Sephora | Nocibe | Marionnaud

Blue, yellow, red, black, pink… Lacoste L.12.12 eau de toilette is already available in a wide color palette. For summer 2022, it is white (new) and combines the classic notes of lemon zest, ginger, lavender and cedar. So freshness and strength are on the menu for this men’s classic, sporty classic, classic Lacoste fresh water…

In general, nothing forces you to change your favorite perfume in the summer. However, we can advise you to reduce the number of sprays for the sake of your skin or to choose an eau de toilette version, stronger than an eau de parfum, such as with the above mentioned. And you, what fragrance did you choose to wear this summer?

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