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The school case. This little giant is known for being as smart as ever.

Marc Puig is a humble and intelligent manager. In Barcelona, ​​​​the Puig Tower is 100 meters long and marks the club’s anniversary. © DR – Cristian Naudin Bolibar – Jean-Marc Cedile

By Marine de La Horie

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If the name Puig (pronounced “poutch”) means nothing to you, surely you know his perfumes: 1 Million or Invictus, by Paco Rabanne, L’Air du temps, by Nina Ricci, Candy , by Prada… The best – The world’s consumers almost saw the light of day in a Catalan factory. This heavy hitter has experienced users such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne.

Today, the third generation is at the helm, led by Marc Puig. “I am proud to see that my father and his brothers were very proud of us. I will never forget that my grandfather was a potato farmer. His variety sold well in England, so he sent his child to study in London. The story has begun,” said the CEO of the company.

Indeed, a hundred years ago, Antonio Puig boarded a liner, going to America, hoping to sell his perfume and his famous Iberian lipstick Milady, thanks to his ideas of the English language.

Tens of millions of bottles sold later, the business is booming. Because the brand can question itself. Over the years, Puig has sold perfumes, shampoos, cosmetics, sun protection … But ten years ago, the backlash was strong, the debt and sales fall. “We scattered a lot, so we destroyed some of them to check the shape and smell. Then we took the risks,” remembers Marc Puig

Among its best products (with more than 28 million pieces sold since 2008), there are perfumes of the Million series, registered Paco Rabanne, packaged in bottles in the form of gold ingots and associated with advertising campaigns.

Through this creative process, Puig employees did not hesitate to look at the market and come up with a new fragrance. “We try to think and tell different stories. After all, Paco Rabanne also started with 12 improbable clothes and did not like situations. .

A relationship crowned by commercial success in the quarter. Puig, hot on the heels of giants like L’Oréal or Procter-Gamble, is a textbook case studied at Harvard, but still a family business.


Marc Puig is a humble and intelligent manager. A sailing enthusiast at the helm of the company with deep family roots.


Not released, these perfumes (Puig about 40 in a year) have met with international success and are appreciated for their practicality and their universality.


To mark the club’s centenary, the 100 meter high Puig Tower was inaugurated with much fanfare in Barcelona by Letizia and Felipe from Spain.


The Spanish company owns brands such as Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci (against) or Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier.

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