Interview: Linda Evangelista just spoke to Vogue

The next day we met at the Orchard Townhouse in the heart of Chelsea, just minutes from his apartment building. The weather is nice and warm, she obviously doesn’t wear makeup and she chooses a full linen dress, complete with flat shoes, and wears a coat. Birkin forest green. He has had this bag since 1985, when it was available for sale. Birkin at the store Hermes. “Hermes invited me to choose the model I wanted,” he said. “I’m lost, stores are very different today. Then I saw this bag. The buyers thought it was old, so it was gathering dust on a high shelf”. “Honestly,” he continued, “I have no idea who it is. Jane Birkin.”

Despite his warm and friendly demeanor, the star continues to think, as if he has lost his mind. It is understandable. The day before, he participated in a photo session with steven meisel for the cover of English product, his first shot in a long time. He spent the last five years “in hiding” from cryolipolysis, a treatment that destroys fat in the form of cold, “damaging” him. He decided that the only way forward was to tell his story. “I can no longer suffer in silence,” she said. “The situation is impossible and the only way to change things is to speak my truth.”

He started his modeling career at a young age.

The daughter of Italian immigrants, the model grew up in Canada, in the city of St. Catharines in Ontario. His father worked for General Motors and his mother was an accountant. “I have all my father’s features, his nose, his teeth and his eyebrows, but I look like my mother,” he said. He has two brothers, the first is a year older than him and the second is a year younger. Since there weren’t many girls in her neighborhood, she hung out with the boys, playing street hockey, baseball, and soccer. He also learned the accordion and took tap lessons.

When the dance school closes, an ad in the local newspaper advertises the modeling school. She attended an initial interview but the courses were expensive, so the young girl chose a course where she would be taught beauty, hair and make-up. Does he know how beautiful he is? “No, not at all!” he shouted in fear. Did the boys rush to go with him? “No! But I have a lot of friends. Because of my height, people told my mother that I should be a model. And at that time, I was angry at the way.


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