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Mysterious, subtle, refined, magical: perfume has always been used to awaken the senses. That’s why since prehistory and the first scents of fire, have excited men; to turn the hearts of women; divination and divination.
The most famous perfumes in the world are French; some are icons. Values ​​that cannot be separated from our history, but from our land and our heritage.

Elixir and Sacred Smoke in Ancient Egypt and Rome; amazing skin care products from distillation, created in the Middle Ages at the University of Medicine in Montpellier; the royal privilege of kings and queens since the Renaissance; wonder of temptation from the 18th century; 20th century, legendary perfumes created by the best perfumers of their time: we will take you to discover the treasures of this delicious and fascinating world.

A first look at the great figures in the History of France: Catherine de Medici, Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Eugenie were the first to carry perfume in their palaces and placing them on them struck their power. , the symbol of their status and their rights. From this amazing story, there are places and things… plates, perfumed gloves, amazing bottles, royal caskets and perfume fountains.

To uncover the treasures of French perfumes, we will also explore the archives of their noble producers: the history of the Guerlain family; and the techniques developed by these mysterious “noses” hidden in the shadows of Parisian haute couture and luxury houses. Because if everyone knows N°5 from Chanel, Shalimar from Guerlain, Pono from Cartier or Eau Sauvage from Dior, who really knows the birth of these values? Who invented, mastered, captured them to put them in the most beautiful bottles and become the most famous perfume in the world?

The properties that are known and almost forgotten by us, without the wonders of nature and without the traditional work of the hand, the perfume would not survive. In the city of Grasse, considered the “Capital of Flowers”, Jasmine, Rose, Iris and Tuberose are carefully picked at dawn… different fragrances. And it is in Alsace that Lalique continues to “mouth-blow” the glass of our finest bottles. The best experience that France has been able to conquer and establish itself, over the centuries, is the flag nation of the world.

From the classic perfumes of yesteryear to the fragrances of tomorrow, let’s go back in time; and understand how the close and beautiful relationship between France – its history, its land, its heritage – and perfume is sealed. It’s a bond that never ends.

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