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Natalie from the wealthy bourgeoisie. He works for emblematic Parisian houses, from tableware to couture, including perfume. Of bourgeois descent, he moved in the 1980s to an elegant house on the rue de l’Opéra in Paris. His parents, who were artists, didn’t care about accounting or management and raised him with a taste for trouble. “My parents burned everything and died without a radish. In my family, there are no savers, we are not squirrels.”

In his younger years, Natalie give a lot, share it around. In the feasts he arranged at home, he cooked good dishes, gave bottles of good wine. “When we have what I have, all will be ready to come to you.”

In 1985, he decided, in order to be able to serve for some big houses, to organize himself. The only fault related to the legal nature of his work, during the review of the records that increase this bad choice of the government, a tax reform with far-reaching consequences. The debt he contracted with the tax authorities seemed to be so important to him that he didn’t worry about it until he left, preferring to stay focused.

But the debt is starting to grow over the years, the interest is more than the amount he originally paid. Natalie is regretting any bad action by the government that did not help him in this situation. His standard of living plummets and, between 1995 and 2006, he had to move every two years, to a smaller residence.

“The debt just keeps growing, it’s like an electricity meter, we can’t stop it.” Natalie

From one class to another

In 2006, he could not demand more rent, but lower. Natalie moving into the girl’s room on the sixth floor of a building near the Alma bridge that was given to her by Martine, a friend from school.

“Fortunately, if you’re down, you can climb up.”

He lived in this basement for 15 years and learned, with style and without anger, to drive there until today, he can enter the new feature.

Thanks to Natalie George.

  • Report: Rémi Dybowski Douat
  • By: Alexandra Kandy Longuet and Anne-Laure Chanel

First announcement: 03/12/2020


After seven years of waiting for an HLM, Natalie the stay was always denied. He was told five years of waiting. So he applied for a residency in the city of Paris,”an HLM for old people” as he summed it up. He found a place and could move now. a 28 square meter studio, located in the fifth arrondissement. He pays 600 euros a month and thinks “live like a disciple“.

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