Reproduced fragrances: olfactory recombination

Perfumes are removed from the market, sometimes for reasons that cannot be understood, leaving a great void for those who loved them. However, brands have decided to re-release some memorable items, whether during the commemorative years, under pressure from consumers, or in a legacy design, and rewrites or otherwise. A brief – not exhaustive – example of this wake up again.

True companions and reminders of memories, scents sometimes disappear leaving us orphans. Some see them as close friends, close friends; Others, seeing this futile quest, actually change the olfactory side; Finally, many people look to second-hand shopping sites to find the missing perfume.

In a market where the release of each other begins at a rapid pace, and where the shelves leave room for new products to be expanded, the problem of finding your favorite is increased. returned from sale. We first talked about these things that disappeared fourteen years ago (!), and dedicated an article to the perfumes that disappeared called “Perfumes also die” in the file of Nose #11, but the speed is still visible today. When sociologists see the nature of our relationship now, the perfume industry, in other words, does not refuse to be related to our bottles.

But sometimes, what is the taste of a small miracle that happens: the signs return to the list what we thought was lost forever. Nowadays, perhaps under the influence of the knowledge of the memory of the nature of the fragrance and the importance of its heritage, these revivals have increased, forcing us to give you a brief overview of the new teams.

One of the first important things wake up againthat came out four years ago, that is the story Iris Gray by Jacques Fath, first composed in 1947 by Vincent Roubert, re-composed by Patrice Revillard, and renamed. The Iris of Fath. If its price is not too far, accessible to all budgets, this renaissance has been able to protect the olfactory heritage and, for the lucky one, can smell a lost film. In 2016, Green water revived through the translation of Cécile Zarokian.

The Iris of Fath, translates to €1,470 / 30ml

To secure the re-release, just buying online seems to be a cheaper deal. This was chosen by Rochas in 2019 for eau de toilette beardfaithful to the one signed by Edmond Roudnitska in 1949, and renamed for the event. Mustache original 1949. The following year, the brand also offers a new definition of Byzantium by Aliénor Massenet and Maurice Roucel, this time with a new style, although very different, it is still glorious. Created in 1987, lost at the beginning of the 21st century, it was republished for the first time in 2017.

Sometimes the perfume, but under a different name: D’Orsay has revived its best seller in 2020. Linden under the name Would love to live somewhere else CG. Olivia Giacobetti, who revisited it in 2008, is also behind this new version for 2020. Angelica seeds, linden flowers and acacia wood. “slowly take us back to our 15th birthday”so it will be given to us “a lampshade” very similar to a spring.

Sometimes, whole brands reappear as they left us a few years earlier: this is the case of the Breton house Lostmarc’h, which was re-released a year and a half ago now, but discussed again in his. live again. It’s time to rediscover iodized and beautiful flowers Aodthe musky cologne of Water Ermine and the other seven scents in the collection, also available in candles and indoor mists.

An opportunity to rekindle the past, anniversaries are another reason for reunions. In 2020, the company François Coty / La Cité des Parfums (chaired by the perfumer’s great-grandson), presented a reissue of Coty’s legendary creations: Rose Jacqueminot, Oregano and Jasmine from Corsica.

Celebrate 100 years ofEmeraldshown to be one of the first ambers on the market, that is Spotturno 1921 presented at the end of 2021. Thanks again to the heritage of the old collections of the perfumer, the style has been changed to meet the challenges of the moment, under the direction of Patrice Blaizot.

So the rose, vanilla and powder are now available as extracts, but reserved for collectors who have the choice between a beautiful numbered box edition of 20 copies (5,000 euros / 100 ml), a box printed in 200 copies. (900 euros / 100 ml), the result is, more appropriate, a small bottle made in 500 copies (150 euros / 6 ml).

In 2021, it will be the anniversary of Goutal Paris, which celebrated its 40th birthday. In addition to the collectible bottles, the brand was also issued for the event Water from heaven was born in 1985, and has been unknown for several years. It’s the same thing My beloved perfumesince 2011. However, these are limited editions and it seems that the prices on the website of the Parisian house, which is still trying to present its old songs, according to the conversations of this time on his. Honeysuckle released in 2002 and up The cat hangs of 2018.

In 2021, Chloé brought back its first fragrance on the shelves, first released by Parfums Lagerfeld almost fifty years ago and signed by Betty Busse. The brand offers a new definition called Tuberose 1974rewritten by Dominique Ropion, who explores “velvety looks, soft and slightly honey” of the flower. It is part of the house’s “Atelier des fleurs” collection.

The year 2022 promises to increase the number of new companies. And it’s not small! The beauty Farnesian, created in 1947 by Michel Morsetti and brought back to life in the private collection of 2018, has been sold since the beginning of the year in Caron stores. Arrived at velvet speed, this ode to mimosa, powdery and balmy, is presented in an abstract form, in the new bottle of the house.

Extract 205 euros / 30ml, 250 euros / 50 ml, 355 euros / 100 ml

In L’Occitane, presented in April “The Oldies Are Coming Back”, no less than seven composers return in new bottles. maybe Amber, Green tea, Eau d’Iparie, Jasmine and bergamot and Peony Flora We see the shelves of shops, Arlésienne, Jasmine Immortelle Neroli, Rose & 4 Queens and Land of Light in his power “water” however, it will only be available online.

Eau de toilette 55 euros / 50 ml, eau de parfum 60 euros / 50 ml

Sometimes, the directions of the company change and replace the new releases. First introduced by Lancôme in 1999 under the name 2000 and a rose to celebrate the new millennium, this designer signed Christine Nagel and then joined the “Lancôme Collection” with the old ones of the house, renamed. thousand and one roses , before being discontinued in 2016 with the “Les Grands crus” category. It was relaunched today to become the “first natural scent” of the brand, with a composition that promotes 97% of the original. Labeled Louise Turner, this new version is comforted by pear accord and notes of mandarin and bergamot. is it “Shows the wonderful features of the rose”thanks to “six organic rose varieties, including the organic Centifolia rose” Harvested in Grasse, in the Domaine de la Rose acquired by the house in 2020, and presented in the bottle.

Eau de parfum 188 euros / 100 ml

Finally, let’s end this reunion with the promise of the Jean Paul Gaultier site, for the “rekindle your memories” voted now to decide what to do Ma’am Where Gauthier 2 see the light again. The unisex gourmet created by Francis Kurkdjian in 2005 will be available again in the fall of 2022, agreeing. “Relive a thousand and one of your stories in the beauty of Gaultier”.

And you, the one who is lost and want to find your favorite store again?

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