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When he launched his first “New Look” collection in 1947, Christian Dior immediately commissioned a perfume that he wanted to be simple, fresh and reminiscent of the feeling of love. “Miss Dior” born The scent is enticing when released. Its notes of citrus, green chypre, “jasmine” cloud “patchouli” to report a woman who is expected to be released. Since then, Christian Dior has created perfumes “the perfect complement to a woman’s style”. For that reason, the perfumer should tone down the underwear.

However, Dior fragrance lines are not limited to women. In 1955, the brand launched its first unisex fragrance “Eau Fraîche” and then, in 1966, the perfume for men. “Wild Water”carried by the very charismatic Alain Delon.

Christian Dior and his passion for flowers

Christian Dior has always loved flowers. A true gardener, he uses flowers as a source of inspiration. He named his creations after his favorite plants and wore a lily of the valley in his lapel to bring him luck, but actually in his perfumes that Christian Dior is passionate about. A demanding designer, Christian Dior surrounds himself with the best perfumes, but also with the best tools to create the purest and most innovative perfumes. The floral heart of Dior fragrances, the true olfactory signature of the brand, is designed with the same passion for precision and quality as Haute Couture itself.

One of the best perfumes in the world

Many Dior perfumes are now available. the unknown “Miss Dior”, “Poison”“Dior Addict”, “Dior-Dior” or “I like” ? Since its launch in 1999, sales of women’s fragrances have fallen sharply. “Wild Water” it is the third best selling men’s perfume in France. Since 1947, Christian Dior has excelled in creating fragrances that express as much audacity as his clothing collections. More than half a century after his first creation, the couturier deceives with his timeless fragrances. Being the muse of Dior perfumery is a privilege today. Cold beauties such as Sharon Stone and Charlize Theron competed with the phlegm of Monica Bellucci or Eva Green during various advertising campaigns. Some French women have been chosen to be the face of some Dior perfumes, such as Isabelle Adjani and Mélanie Laurent.

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