Precious scents in the heart of the Pyrenees

It is the little morning scent that tastes like candy, which we enjoy mixing with our mood of the day: seductive magnolia, tangy bergamot, sweet orange blossom, dying of patchouli … you want to rediscover the essence of a “Cascade of the Pyrenees”, whose freshness of eau de Cologne evokes violet, honeysuckle, verbena…

By choosing an eau de toilette handcrafted in Layrisse, a small village in the heart of the Tarbes-Lourdes-Bagnères triangle, you are sure of the prestige of the raw materials used, among food alcohol, essences from Grasse and natural ingredients. oil, mostly from the South of France.

From the pleasure of continuing the tradition of the company since 1930 around eau de Cologne, Jean-Pierre, who took over the company fifteen years ago, and Aurélie, who joined with him in 2015, it was possible to add their own skills. develop a comprehensive range. Between the cosmetic and the perfume, from the technology development, and the lover of naturopathy and pet care, there are many ideas.

Six years ago, soap, tread Bee soap factory, is added to the production of eau de toilette. Cold saponified to take care of all the needs of the producers, their work is done by hand from A to Z. Olive oil, coconut, hemp, shea butter, honey -local-, poppy seeds … and with 100% natural, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly colors.

This anthology of fragrances has been expanded with the Jodor cleansing fragrances that leave a scent of spices, red fruits, monoi in the air…

We are developing an eau de parfum that will see the light of day at the end of the year. We are launching a Floreo wellness range, intended for thalassotherapy homes, and we are thinking about a range of ambient products for next spring, which will be able to present the country, with a local knowledge. Aurélie explained with interest.

The ideas were not short, when the plague hit France hard, with the lack of alcohol, Jean-Pierre and Aurélie started their production, in the form of cotton , up to producing 600 liters per day.

A real challenge that they can meet with the hard work to provide the health sector and businesses in the industry. We find these vaporizers for sale on their website, in two types and one per bag.

Add soap and eau de toilette, just mix business with fun!

Information on the website of Avril Perfume in Bigorre


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