Fake perfumes: LVMH announces an “old” seizure of 1 million bottles.

The giant LVMH – which owns Le Parisien – announced on Monday an “old” seizure of more than a million bottles of fake perfumes in Greece, intended for the local market. “It’s a historical record: the shops and storage areas are more common, and what’s new here is that we’re also a work center”, said Laurent Marcadier, director of storage assets and people.

He described it as “a real place of production, a factory of fake perfumes with workers, machines, empty bottles, pumps, belting, labels, everything that goes into a perfume bottle”. A “large part” of the 1.179 million bottles seized during the operation were fakes of the main perfumes of the LVMH group, including Guerlain, Dior and Kenzo.

According to a press release from the Greek authorities, published on Sunday, searches were carried out in Heraklion in Crete, and seven people were arrested, “members of a criminal group that specializes in illegal and sell fake products in shops for tourists around the country.

600,000 euros in cash was seized

Laurent Marcadier reported that “investigators, from a Greek agency specialized in organized crime, searched many places: places of production and storage, and the home of the head reason, and therefore they have now got their hands on over 500,000 other counterfeits. , including bags and glasses, which they did not make but brought.

“At the time of the arrest, one million bottles were ready to sell. It is a first. We have had large arrests in the surveillance industry, but more than one million in Europe,” said and the officer, who also reported that 600,000 dollars were seized.

LVMH has organized formal action with various countries around the world, especially those affected by the production, import or sale of counterfeit products. In 2019, the fight against fraud in the company of Bernard Arnault cost 43 million euros, in internal and external costs, an attack that “can have a significant impact on turnover and result, and harming the image of products that affect consumer confidence”, according to the LVMH directive.

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