Since the introduction of Instagram, why is the black cat left?

Earlier this month, shelters reported a high rate of animal abandonment. Dogs, cats… And more black cats, as 30 Million Friends established on Wednesday. “Houses are full of black cats that are not taken care of, the ones that are controversial”, opened the company on Twitter during the World Black Cat Day. The same story on the part of the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture confirms that these cats are “the most abandoned and the least taken”.

The Humane Society (SPA) does not list cats by color and therefore cannot give us statistics. He points out, however, that shelters often think that little black furballs are better than others. To get an idea, 20 minutes go to count the number of black cats available for use on the internet. Unfortunately, there were too many of them (we stopped after an hour), but of the 1,023 cats we counted, 186 were completely black, or 18.1%. It is a big picture, although, as we know, it is difficult to explain without knowing the number of births of black cats in France.

Not Instagrammable enough

But why are black cats so unloved? In Nîmes, post Covid-19, SPA volunteers have ensured that future users choose their future partners according to their hair rather than their appearance. “They want a little, long hair,” they told France Bleu. Because if Coco Chanel promises only black, for others, black is not enough, not Instagrammable enough. “When I wanted to get a cat, one of my friends told me not to get a black one, because it’s impossible to get,” said Diane, a cat lover.

Coralie Lallier, president of the Feline Association of Cergy-Pontoise, told 30 million friends that when users choose, “they turn to another animal”. The latter confirms that among the volunteers, “some host families refuse to host black cats”. If they do not advance in the explanation, it is because many people, like Coralie Lallier, “are ashamed of religion and do not want to admit it.”

Satanic poets

These beliefs about the black cat go back a long way and should raise cautious eyebrows today. In Europe, it began in 1233 with writing Vox in Rama, where Pope Gregory IX instigated the opening of persecutions, organized by heretics. If you speak Latin, here is the text, if I do not summarize it for you: diabolical orgies are described there whose master is a black cat with a curly tail and the size of a dog (this is a small Marseillais Grégoire IX). After this publication and through the Middle Ages, black cats were believed to be incarnations of the devil.

Although we don’t rewrite this story today, the black cat still carries its popularity. Especially in popular culture where he is for example the loyal friend of witches, like Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (This guide is not for you 2000s). The SPA often uses Halloween parties to break some ideas about black cats and reminds us that these little creatures “are the ones who have a cult from another time”.

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