Bruno Pinchard, Seeking Asylum – Rules of the Game

Unpublished, “Finding Refuge” is not a title, it’s a watchword. The popular one Pantagruelism de Rabelais, this thirst for everything, taught us to seek refuge in the stories of the giants of Mont Saint-Michel in the thick of a human stock that quickly increased the creation by the printer. We know about this expansion, but despite the so-called “digital” humanities, this library kills and there is no Mont Saint-Michel standing. in periculo maris, promise life to those to whom we are cast. Where to find shelter? This question is not ready to go out until I catch a fire in the middle of another.

Rabelais is the survivor of two questions, morals and beliefs. He knows how to count his words because he doesn’t want to blow “like a little clock”. We keep his book of sacred thoughts only to hold this rule. He praised Raminagrobis, that meek heretic, like a dry cat, who asked to die alone so as not to rekindle the maddened hatred which his freedom of opinion had awakened in all the Panurges of the world: Rabelais is only speaking for himself. set the terms of his impending disappearance. But he held the key to the journey, he had the strength to combine the experience of his time to lead him, with half pleasure, half danger, to an effervescent center, this god Lapsus highlighting the famous “Trinque”. !” » closing his story. With him, the word of man is spread without measure, not to serve any important purpose, but for the benefit of misunderstanding and as a change of letters that declare that the supreme name cannot be spoken, it cannot be spoken: One and Multiple, It is only One because it is irreducibly Multiple and this multiplicity is nothing else in the language itself, the he talks to himself and drinks straight from his Dive bottle, a “panomped” symphony of letters!

But the guardians of the law and the cutters of Meaning have always watched over these swerves and have always worked to arrest the madness of books and the intoxication of readers: they must be subjected to one collected, under the influence of one funnel. . Instead of allowing the Book to speak to all the books, they faked the story of the one book that was placed over all the books, watching, night and day, bright and sideways, restraining or cutting the hand of the speaker. A book is read from one page only and for one number. They call this rejection of the Word of God and this blasphemy of the Sacred reader. They preferred the binding of the letter, and the chain that binds the book to the censor’s desk rather than increasing reading balls. Therefore, the book is placed on the cross of common sense.

However, we are only in the medieval period and somewhere imprimatur handicrafts. It took a century of mass media and the latest invention of electronic power to transform the humble fire reserved for heterodox writers into a global fire where reading, speaking, and the laughter.

A quick book, until I die, so the saying goes. But now, it’s not the books that are missing, but the art of reading and the need to say that someone is reading. The library is not under control, the reader is under control. It is a human memory at work, here it is attacked, corrupted, filtered by the state machine or rebuilt as the people of the sun fix it. Memory alert! We promote entertainment with the honor of imagination, but what is art without memory? Because the thoughts flow in the way of the exercise, the memory becomes the dirty well of the person and gives the sanctity of the soul to the nets of obedience. Among the ongoing wars, it is not the biggest breath, nor is it the most innocent. It will be a surprise to us, it is happening to some writers who have shed blood on the table of history.

I have a good friend, Christophe Ono-dit-Biot, who tells a story that makes one shudder: the loyal journalist felt the observation, saw terrible problems, saw his family threatened. We have to run, the main text of the world to catch him, he is the most visible to men, he becomes the most vulnerable. This good reader and this innocent voice knows his Mont Saint-Michel: it is Mont Athos where he took refuge in a more anxious youth.

But to enjoy this isolation against the drone attack, he has to split his family in two: while his partner supports this flight, he sacrifices himself, lives in the country and allowing a father to go on a boat with his daughter who is separated from a boy. to this temple where men, people and animals can go. It will be an oppression that can fight someone, an ageless oppression called to protect a lonely person from the oppression of guards and goons.

Only, never, of course, because if the warrior is separated from his wife by this new boundary, he is left, as I said, with a sweet, sweet seven-year-old child, without realizing the dangers that exist and can be created. surprise again. If there is a sense of freedom in this threatening world that goes beyond the borders, it is clearly seen in this observation of the little girl deprived of her mother, who finds refuge in constant communication with her father. This is the light of this book of pain and confession.

I will not go further into the summary which cannot be presented without spoilers. We must awaken the sanctity of these monasteries built between the land and the sea, the taste of the fruit picked from the tree, the flashes of light between the branches, the forms fishing in the Mediterranean and the kindness of vacationers. The story does this. These little signs are enough, however, to make you feel the tension between the beauty of the protected life of the Internet and a world power that is working hard to suppress independent voices and prevent them from showing up. to important secrets, and they are legion in this book. .

Seek shelter, this history of today, with the nature of innocence in the face of bad circumstances is a reason to think: the modern science is not much involved in the search for truths, the witnesses have become which is open, according to maintenance. the right and the right in the world’s car is closed to aberration. Christophe Ono-dit-Biot does not think without reason that the new power will be populist, it will be based on the violence of the evil ignorance and will no longer doubt the way to preserve its character autocratic. I don’t know if the regression is the biggest problem of a normal society, it seems that we can support the behavior of the backward and the child again. What I have seen, and see in this story, is the murderous prohibition of speech, the satisfaction of the mind, and the degradation of memory, if obtained by firing, clicking, or making an angry sound, will release the game of symbols. but slow down the source of attention and the vivacity of the intellect. Freedom lost its wings there: did not the words have wings in Homer?

We are not so much threatened by punishment as by simplicity, which is the first form of violence. Rabelais said: the words falling on the decks of the boats of our life are like hailstones. They don’t show up there, they stick together like balls with solid edges. But an interesting spirit will come and collect them in his hands and warm them, before melting, they will produce a sound, a cry, a thought, a thought and the play of the explanation to initiate the exchange of ideas.

Explaining before cutting your head, it is quick to run through literature such as philosophy or science. The son of Hermes, hermeneutic and hermetist, Rabelais called the explanation “in a higher way”, the road is long. He tried a more insulting line: “Drink, and you’ll be an interpreter for your business.” Who is missing from this festival?

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