Aux Franciscaines: four works to learn more about the links between Van Dongen and Deauville

Franciscaines new exhibition “Van Dongen, Deauville fits me like a glove” shows the links between this great artist and Deauville. © Naiade Plante

“From 1913 to 1963, the artist Kees Van Dongen paint, draw and enliven the summers of Deauville”, we can read in a heritage plaque that was opened three years ago in the Tables. A very strong link between this artist and the coastal city Deauville Dedicated to him until September 25, 2022 long-term exposure i Franciscans.

In the show, Van Dongen, Deauville fits me like a glove We believe in the relationship between the artist and the beach. This bond is born strong and unique 1913, when Van Dongen went to Deauville at the foot of Jongkind, a first painter of Impressionism, and Dutch, like him. “Deauville fits me like a glove. I have my clients there and it’s like Holland, because of the light”, says the artist, somewhere Interview with Henri Perruchotat Literary, arts and science newsin August 1958.

Called 1920 Every summer in Deauville by Eugène Cornuché, then by François André, the managers of the hotels and the casino of Deauville, the artist would practice the seaside town, and use it. His sessions are always marked by swimming in the sea, walking on the Planches and evenings at races or polo games. He likes to socialize with his Parisian friends at the Bar du Soleil, and attend gala dinners at the Salon des Ambassadeurs. Therefore, Deauville became the subject of a painting that was found in some of his works.

A new shower

During his stay in Deauville, the artist let go of his slender silhouette to run the Planches. And if we know that the beach is a real inspiration for him, that’s the case with this one Bathers wanted to catch. Like this Bather of Deauville from the 1920s, “staggeringly modern,” he says Jean-Michel Bouhours, curator of the exhibition. In the book published at the time of the exhibition, the latter said: “The body is muscular, almost ‘animal’, the legs are long and very good; The cut of the bathing suit that exposes the shoulders, neck, arms and tops of the thighs to the bare skin created by Coco Chanel.

Kees VAN DONGEN Bather of Deauville 1920 Oil on canvas Private collection
Kees VAN DONGEN Bather of Deauville 1920 Oil on canvas Private collection (©© Adagp, Paris, 2022)

The wall at Deauville

During his stay, Van Dongen liked to go to the races. In his painting, he wants to “show the beautiful world of the paddocks, the race horses, the presentation of the years”, explains Jean-Michel Bouhours. The artist wanted to end his stay in Deauville with the Grand Prix. For his work The wall at Deauvillefrom the 1920s, the curator of the exhibition said: “The gait of the horse, the way the colors are used, the contrasts and the peace between the shades of green, red and gray in this work representing the Touques race, remember the decorations of the paintings of beautiful women on horseback in the Bois de Boulogne painted ten years ago. The small silhouettes of the main inhabitants respond almost in symbiosis or syntony to those of the thoroughbreds”.

Deauville shopping and beach, in the heart of the Van Dongen exhibition.
Deauville shopping and beach, in the heart of the Van Dongen exhibition. ©The Pays d’Auge

paper high hundred

During his stay, during the summer season, Van Dongen participated in balls and events and designed several posters and book covers dedicated to Deauville. Especially on 1961if a member of the organizing committee of the hundred of Deauvillehe made a poster for it, using the Deauville beach from his work solar panel. “The artist has enlivened his composition with a rich chromatic palette, separated from the four parasols that hold the red color of the usual sky, a green sea and the texture of the sand in front ,” said Jean-Michel Bouhours.

Kees VAN DONGEN Bar du Soleil 1961 Oil on canvas Private collection
Kees VAN DONGEN Bar du Soleil 1961 Oil on canvas Private collection (©© Adagp, Paris, 2022)

The White Gala

In the Montparnasse of the 1920s, Van Dongen organized memorable balls and parties. In Deauville, Francois André who previously experimented with thematic circles with painting, ordered him in August 1932 to White dress.

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Americans, White Gala, 1932, Yves Aublet
Americans, White Gala, 1932, Yves Aublet (©© Adagp, Paris, 2022)

Therefore, the artist thinks about the board, the paper and the decoration. A Gala where nearly 1,000 guests dressed in white come to the Salon des Ambassadeurs, decorated with white lilies. For the paper, he took a picture of a woman with glasses that appeared on the cover of the magazine. On the Normandy RivieraAugust 16, 1925.

Until Sunday, September 25, at the Franciscans. Prices: €10 (full), €8 (reduced) or €3 (additional). Booked online, at the reception of the Franciscans or online.

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