Johnny Depp stars in the ad for the new Dior perfume

This fall of 2015, the house of Dior opens its new fragrance for men called Sauvage. Johnny Depp plays a new Cowboy riding through a cold city in an ad under the banner of a California road movie.

Dior Sauvage: the 2015 campaign in a long version

From Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, Sauvage is the wild west. It’s an epic road movie where the open spaces lay a surrealist bestiary and organize unexpected encounters. A stern and dignified demeanor.

It all started in Los Angeles with Johnny Depp who knew he couldn’t line up more than 4 keys. So he decided to hit the road, leaving everything behind him. After crossing a bison, he entered the California desert. Tired of the class life and no longer interested, he decided to bury his jewels. As the wolf watched him from the top of his car, he watched the sun set between the cacti. In short, returning to the wild…

Johnny Depp embodies the new Dior man

Traditional and mysterious image, Johnny Depp he is the hero of this new western. A character endowed with a unique, authentic and authentic style.

This sacred monster has never before given its image to perfume. He did not play anything other than those that marked his remarkable career, which was marked by strong choices. True to Tim Burton, he surprises with serious and offbeat scenes. A noble actor whose soul is inhabited by rock.

johnny depp dior

Johnny Depp is the “savage” of Dior. It’s amazing osmosis with a program cut out for him. The universe is “stuck to its skin”. For Dior, and director Jean-Baptiste Mondino, he entered without limitation. He became the “savage” shown, a new shaman who was not afraid of the difficulty of the quest and his thoughts. It is a unique game that shakes the codes of its own style. The actor and the human were finally reunited. Release the eyes. For Dior, Johnny Depp (or not Jhonny Depp or Jonny Deep as some have written) gives himself body and soul.

What is the music in the ad?

In the film, accompanied by Johnny Depp the metal of Ry Cooder’s guitar, considered among the best guitarists of all time.

Exclusive songs, a signature composed for his films and produced by Johnny Depp himself.

From the beginning about every plan, put on angry rock’n’roll music, then go with moving to the desert with Indian tribal percussions. With comfort comes the riffs that end the acoustic purity.

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