Dior Eau Sauvage, your sexuality

Perfume is another successful strategy in the market. Flashback to the origin ofWild water. We are in the late 1950s. The culture of cleanliness in the British style continues to be masculine. But tastes are starting to grow, to release themselves, like a teenager discovering rock’n’roll. Do not accept the Vetiver of Carven, and more beard de Rochas, preempting all the evidence, Maurice Roger, the head of the perfume department of the house of Dior – then he will be president, from 1982 to 1996, and start, among other things, the story . bitter – decided to launch the first men’s fragrance in the house.

He asked Edmond Roudnistka, one of the best perfumers of the time – the 20th century – who is the author of DioramaoFresh water cloud Diorissimo, consider water. In response to beardthe chosen code name is “Network”.

Eau Sauvage and Hedione

She is the daughter of someone close to Marcel Boussac, the owner of the Dior house, who gave her a solid name: Wild water. In Cabris, near Grasse, Edmond Roudnitska regularly sends his stories to Paris. The change lasted six years until Maurice Roger decided, against the advice of the entire company, to stop the experiments there and start the sample he had.

Wild water It was released in 1966. In terms of appearance, it is simple to build, tough, and well equipped. Its beginning is very fresh, in lemon, lavender, thyme and rosemary, at the base of oak moss, vetiver and patchouli, but in the middle, in its heart, Edmond dissolves Roudnitska to a synthetic molecule isolated by the company Firmenich. , synthesized and patented in 1962: hedione. The first is the smell. who goes to school.

In 2010, Dior photographed Alain Delon’s youth for the new Eau Sauvage campaign. Dr

An animal…

Hedione is actually a jasmine absolute. Its green, bright notes may be of watery jasmine and almost the scent of fresh air. As a booster, it enhances the diffusion, the freshness of a perfume and gives volume.

Since its inception, Wild water a success. We’ll be expecting him on the streets in 1968! “ I smothered him in the coat I had worn that evening on the Pont-Neuf square and his smell mingled with the tear gas fired by the police. This is how I remember 1968, sweet revolution, wild, but wise recalled Patrick Saint-Yves, former president of the French Society of Perfumers.

Often, women buy it for their husbands and go to great lengths to participate. The advertising campaign – advertising, at that time – invented by René Gruau certainly contributed to this kind of interest.

In one of the papers, we see calves with well-provided hair in the crack of the door, its owner dressed only in mules and a white bathing suit. On the other hand, he is now in his simplest form, a bath towel thrown loosely over his shoulder. More than likely, it’s impossible!

…which stimulates the libido

In 2010, the house will use the photo written by Jean-Marie Perrier, of the most famous actor there, Alain Delon, for promotional photos. A photo taken during a vacation in Saint-Tropez, where the designer shows all his animal … A year later, Dior will use a photo from the film as an advertisement . The swimming pool, by Jacques Deray. Alain Delon, again. This will allow Wild water to regain its first place in the sales charts.

It’s a charm, we come back to this, to this day. Hedione is the first note scientifically shown to activate a pheromone receptor in humans, VN1R1, located in the mucous membrane of the nose.

Eau Sauvage Parfum 100 mL, Dior, €107.

Eau Sauvage Parfum 100 mL, Dior, €107. Dr

This receptor activates a part of the brain responsible for regulating sex hormones. In short: hedione stimulates the libido. Recently, François Demachy, creator of Dior perfumes, created a version ofWild water. To better attract a new generation, he strengthened his bottom, gave it strength, depth, but did not touch his heart. No question!

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