Accused of racism, Dior’s new campaign with Johnny Depp has been canceled

Unreleased, the new Dior perfume has been released. The beauty brand finds itself at the heart of a controversy after the release of its new ad to promote its “The New Sauvage” perfume. Shared on Friday on social media, the video featuring actor Johnny Depp was immediately described as racist by internet users.

In the video that lasts about ten seconds, we see Johnny Deep playing the guitar in a desert area of ​​Utah (United States) while an African American dances in traditional clothing. “We are the world”, says the producer in a voiceover, before the name of the perfume is revealed: “The New Sauvage”, or “The new savage”.

“A true journey into the indigenous spirit in a sacred, creative and global land. Soon after. September 1,” read Dior’s Twitter message accompanying the video, which was removed from the brand’s Twitter account, as was the video, which was immediately removed from the YouTube platform.

A “colonialist” campaign.

There has been an outpouring of outrage on Twitter since the video was posted. Some internet users have accused the beautiful house of “racism”. Others accused the Dior brand of “cultural appropriation”.

“Dior launched their indigenous perfume called ‘Sauvage’ with Johnny Depp as the spokesperson for this fragrance. Colonialist…”, posted one user. “I’m angry to see my culture reduced to a shameless commercial,” wrote one user. “This marketing gaffe will be taught in business schools for a long time,” another social media user tweeted.

“It is very offensive and racist”, for his part told the Guard Echo Hawk, the chairman of the organization for the protection of indigenous people. “I don’t know how anyone in 2019 can imagine a campaign like this could pass,” he added.

The long version of this campaign, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, was published two weeks ago on YouTube. The luxury brand also published, on August 23, a video of the making of the shot, calling out all the Native Americans involved in the making of this campaign. It seems to be waiting for an inevitable debate, from which the sweet brand could not escape …

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