Masculine beauty: good smell without pollution

To see the ecological arguments that have been issued for each new product released in recent months, we say to ourselves that it is not so difficult, in the end, to reduce food pollution cosmetics. Solvent-free tanning, refillable bottles, reusable or recycled materials, traceability, fair trade, limited use of plastic, Finally investing in rejuvenating programs, here’s the list for fragrance or skin care.

This is the road map that Giorgio Armani has set himself for his future campaigns. The brand, owned by the L’Oréal group, has relaunched its bestseller, the long-time number 1 in men’s fragrances, Acqua di Giò. A perfume, with a hint of incense and the sea thanks to the countless experiments of Alberto Morillas. The perfumer used the most natural, sustainable and sustainable ingredients possible: mandarin green, clary sage, vetiver, and a molecule patented by Firmenich, Yodanol. This eau de parfum comes in a redesigned, refillable bottle with a wooden stopper.

It’s close and social

Reforestation is at the heart of the conversation in the latest perfume from our Victorinox race, called Wood and inspired by Swiss forests, with its note of walnut. A technology called Headspace was used to recreate a scent without harming the plant it came from, by capturing the surrounding air. To accompany this campaign, Victorinox has made a commitment with the Friborg startup Almighty Tree, which will plant trees around the world and, for this collaboration, in Switzerland.

Proximity also reduces the impact on the environment. Therefore, it is up to the customer to prefer local brands, such as Swiss Perfection, based in Montreux, which stands out for its knowledge of cutting edge technology, extraction of plants.

The final solution to solid products, save water and provide bottles, often made of plastic. A solid shampoo that cleans the skin, hair and beard, packed in an FSC paper box, means you can take care of yourself with a clean mind.

1 / 8

Medicine, eau de toilette, Victorinox, nearby. 79 fr. the 100 ml.


2 / 8

Barber Club 4 in 1 shampoo bar, hair, face, beard and body, L’Oréal Men Expert, approx. 8 fr. the 80g.


3 / 8

Acqua di Giò, eau de parfum, Giorgio Armani, 135 fr. 75 ml refillable (refill 210 fr. for 150 ml).


4 / 8

Love me like me, eau de toilette, Caron, approx. 85 fr. 75 ml (refillable).


5 / 8

L’Homme Vetyver shower gel, recycled plastic tube, Roger & Gallet, approx. 13 fr. the 200 ml.


6 / 8

Face and beard moisturizer, Sauvage, 96% natural ingredients, Dior, approx. 79 fr. the 75 ml.


7 / 8

1. Cellular Men, Eye Recharge cream, Swiss Perfect, 175 fr. 15 ml


8 / 8

Urban Black natural deodorant, Ben & Anna, approx. 9 fr. the 40g.


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