Dior: A success story of a perfume

In the Miss Dior family, I ask for eau de parfum 2021! Created in 1947 for the beginning of the house, the original Dior perfume has been given a new lease of life thanks to François Demachy, the independent creative perfumer of the house since 2006, after thirty years at Chanel. He is at the base of Dior Homme Cologne, Miss Dior, Dior Addict, Dior Homme, Cuir Cannage, Sauvage de Dior … to name some of his creations.

How to appreciate the DNA of a perfume when changing the taste of the day?

Although the olfactory layer does not change from one era to another, the balance of the elements and the way we cut it give it its same character. My business is to work with perfume in pure respect for the past, while designing a new style and topicality that can pass the years with great beauty. So, with respect and admiration for its origin, I appreciate the chypre structure of Miss Dior when it increases or decreases some things… Like the Miss Dior eau de toilette from 1947 , his character remained. In addition to some changes imposed by the rules of the course, such as banning oak moss as an ingredient.

Which woman wore Miss Dior? Has it grown?

The first woman to embody the spirit of the perfumer was Catherine Dior, Christian’s sister. That’s where the name of the perfume comes from. During her promotion to the first Dior fashion show, a reporter shouted “Hey! Here’s Miss Dior!” She is a strong, courageous woman. She has done Resistance work during the war and has experienced captivity. She wants to eat life to the fullest, she has the breath of life. After the war, she grew roses in Grasse. The Miss Dior woman is stronger today, better now, stronger than before of the last century.

When do you decide it’s time to give a new version of the original scent?

Miss Dior has been around for seventy years. After the dark years of the war, Christian Dior wanted to make women’s lives more beautiful. He wanted an aroma of love, which means happiness, music and harmony. If its history has evolved over decades and in many different ways, its mission has remained the same. Miss Dior Chérie, with its popcorn symbols, was created by Christine Nagel in 2005. I personally created four different versions, including Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, a description that shows the image of a strong woman, fresh and generous, about our times. The existing eau de parfum, more simple, dark, did not suit this young woman. She did not match the vision of Miss Dior. So new pages are provided based on the desired content while maintaining the same format. We put him back on his way.

Miss Dior embodied hope and carelessness after the war. Does the scent always make the same statement?

Yes. We free ourselves a little from the rules, we dare to add more notes to the overdose, although it remains in the form of chypre. The chypre accord is citrus (bergamot), floral notes (rose, jasmine), a woody note and moss at the base. Here the foam is less and the texture is different. The inspiration for the new eau de parfum is rose. A rose that Carole Biancalana, who produces centifolia roses in Grasse, showed me in her garden during our stay. Her name is Sweet Love. His way is amazing. When you smell it, you get the feeling of spinning something very soft, very soft, but at the same time very fresh. I wanted to surround it with flowers and therefore have a flower that is beautiful and beautiful, pleasant, but not heavy.

So there is no fruity note in the perfume?

It is carried by the Sweet Love rose, which is the inspiration for the fragrance. This beautiful flower has a fruity note, between apricot, peach and plum. The fruit is not as harsh or harsh as the strawberry notes. For my part, I find them more beautiful and soft!

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