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DOHA: Flowing in from the world by airplanes and ships, Jaime Byrom’s real estate agents will see a big world cup this fall in Qatar, the Gulf state that was thought to be inaccessible. money by many Europeans.

The expected value in Qatar “will exceed anything we have been able to provide before,” the company said. “Some people are not going to pave the way to get there,” he predicted.

The owner of a company that sells exclusive packages to celebrities and big brands, Jaime Byrom predicts record sales for the 2022 World Cup, but assures that all the money will be in their account.

Mr Byrom, who has sold millions of hotel rooms in the past ten World Cups, said his Match Hospitality company had already booked 450,000 of the three million tickets available for the tournament which starts on November 20.

Packages can range from $700 for an advance ticket, including meals, to more than $1 million for teams that stay in high-end hotels and attend multiple games.

Among the most popular products is the Pearl Lounge, which presents itself as the “end” of beauty, located at the Lusail Stadium where the final will take place on December 18. Seats 116 in stunning views, guests will receive gifts, champagne will flow and food will be prepared by Michelin-starred British chef Jason Atherton.

“A small part”

These customers “make good use of their property. But it is only a small thing”, relativizes Jaime Byrom.

“There are people who are lucky enough to have more money than others and they have an experience that most of us can’t reach, that’s how it is,” he concluded.

Stars and riches are nothing new in the history of the World Cup. Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, Chinese driver Jack Ma, members of the royal family and models have been featured in the new editions.

The spending of people in the hospitality industry and services is a major source of income for FIFA, including about $ 184 million for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, according to reports from the world football governing body. in Geneva.

And this year, it should be added to the economic sponsors from the neighboring Gulf countries, for the first World Cup organized in an Arab country.

Jaime Byrom has no doubts that his profits this year will exceed those made in Brazil, with earnings 29% higher than 100 days before the scheduled start of the tournament in the footballing capital of South America.

According to Byrom, the largest sales were made to customers in Mexico, the United States, Britain and Argentina. But the people of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest earners. India, Hong Kong and Bangladesh are among the top 10 buying countries.

“One Place”

Fewer supporters share $200 a day outside the capital Doha, while others live in desert camps, replicas of traditional Bedouin tents by the Sea.

But Mr Byrom assured that the World Cup in Qatar will be “good” prices for everyone, as the prices of most hotel rooms are controlled by the government and are not regulated accordingly. including the market.

According to the businessman, fans should take advantage of the fact that they do not have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers between cities like Russia in 2018 and Brazil in 2014.

None of Qatar’s eight stadiums are separated by more than 70 kilometers, in this city-state of 2.8 million people, about 90% of whom are foreigners.

“This is the first, and it will be the last time, I think, that a World Cup is organized in one place,” said Mr Byrom, predicting a “World Cup”.

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